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10 Best Places to Live in Canada for Immigrants in 2023

Posted on January 21, 2023
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10 Best Places to Live in Canada for Immigrants in 2023

Why Canada?

  • Canada has one of the most advanced immigration system in the world.
  • 1 million job vacancies in Canada since 100+ days
  • Canada accepts immigrants via Express Entry Systems and Provincial Nominee Programs.
  • The country has a world class education system with the most constructive curriculums.
  • There are many cities in Canada that have people coming from all over the world making them cosmopolitan cities.

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Canada is known as an immigrant-friendly country, and therefore it tops the list of every expatriate in the world. It has beautiful cities, most advanced infrastructures, the best quality of life, and the most organized immigration system. The country has myriad work and business opportunities and has a world class education system with the most constructive curriculums. Canada accepts immigrants via Express Entry System and Provincial Nominee Programs.

The country has many cities with people from all over the world, making them cosmopolitan cities. And, if you are planning to migrate to Canada and are still deciding which city you should choose, here we have made a list of the ten best cities to live in in Canada for the year 2023.

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Toronto is the largest city in the country, with a total population of 3 million people, with half of it coming from a family from other parts of the world. The city is the capital city of the Canadian province of Ontario. As of 2022, the average salary offered by the city lies between 33,900 CAD to 599,000 CAD. As per the Labour Force Survey, 2022, the employment rate in Canada increased to 7.3 percent. The city’s top career options are Software Developer, Software Engineer, Executive & administrative responsibilities, Assistant roles in Legal, Project Manager, and Operations Manager.

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Calgary is the largest city in the Canadian province of Alberta, with a metropolitan population of 1,481,806 and a city-proper population of 1,306,784. The city was ranked as the third-most liveable city in the world and the best in North America in 2022. The city’s economy includes many industries, including financial services, energy, technology, film and television, transportation and logistics, aerospace, tourism sectors, manufacturing, health and wellness, and retail. Calgary abodes people speaking more than 100 different languages. The unemployment rate of the city is 5%.

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The capital city of Canada, Ottawa, ranks among the world’s safest places. Ottawa has a lower cost of living compared to other Canadian cities, which is why most migrants want to settle in this city. The main sectors in the town are technology and healthcare. The city also boasts many tourist attractions, like the Rideau Canal, Gatineau, etc. Known as Canada’s festival capital, it also hosts several annual festivals. More number of jobs in Ottawa in health care, agriculture, manufacturing, utilities, professional & scientific services, financial and transportation, and warehousing. The city recorded the lowest unemployment rate in Canada, with 3.5%.


Located in British Columbia, Vancouver is one of the most liveable cities in the world and is known for the best healthcare facilities and transportation services. Most people in Vancouver don’t even have vehicles. The city offers a wide variety of career opportunities in the film industry, tech industry, and start-up industry. The monthly Labour Force Survey has reported that the unemployment rate in the city reduced to 4.7% from 5.3%. The city has a very similar climate to India, with mildly hot summers, and receives no snowfall in the winters. It also gets a rainy season. Vancouver also promotes green spaces and has numerous parks, destination gardens, playing fields, etc.

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The provincial capital of Nova Scotia, Halifax, is the principal city port on the Atlantic Ocean. It is a small city surrounded by nature and peace, best for peace-loving nature lovers. The city doesn’t have any hustle and bustle of a big city and doesn’t have sky-high skyscrapers. The city witnessed a fall in its unemployment rate in January 2022, making it 4.9%. The major industries in this small town are agriculture, construction, professional and scientific services, manufacturing, education, information and cultural services, the financial sector, and public administration. The city is considered the traditional cultural generator and is home to five UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Located at the end of Lake Ontario in the Canadian province of Ontario, Burlington is city very close to Toronto. The city is best for people who don’t wish to live in a large city, but like to live near one. Burlington is a place for nature and adventure sports lovers as it has many hiking trails and Mount Nemo Conservation Area, a World Biosphere Reserve designated by UNESCO. The people in Burlington have excellent employment opportunities along with good schools and healthcare facilities. You can even get a job in Toronto and live in Burlington as Toronto is just an hour ride away from the city. Burlington recorded an employment rate of 4.1%.


Oakville is a town in Ontario and part of the Greater Toronto Area. Immigrants prefer the city for being just 30 minutes drive away from Toronto. The city’s economy is fuelled by various sectors: education, healthcare services, automobiles, aerospace, etc. The major employers in Oakville are some of the biggest MNCs in the world, including the Ford Motor Company, Siemens, Generic Electric, and many more. The average cost of living in the city is $1,224.78 per person, excluding rent. It records one of the least employment rates in Canada, with 4.1%.

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Quebec City

The capital city of the Canadian province of Quebec, Quebec City, is the second largest city. The city has historical importance and is one of the oldest cities in North America, so much so that Old Quebec was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. The city has one of the country’s highest employment rates, a shallow crime rate, and an affordable cost of living. The employment opportunities in the city are primarily concentrated in transport and tourism, defense, public administration, commerce, and service industries. The city has an unemployment rate of 4.10%, one of the lowest in Canada.


Located in Saskatchewan, Saskatoon is the largest city and the economic and cultural hub of the province. The city’s economy is majorly based on potash, oil, and wheat (agriculture); therefore, Saskatoon is also called the POW City. Industries like agricultural biotechnology, information technology, life sciences, and environmental science drive the city’s economy. The cost of living in the city is relatively low, making it very liveable for expatriates. The city has an unemployment rate of 4.3% and a crime rate of 48.93%.


Gatineau is a city situated in the Canadian province of Quebec. The majority population of Gatineau speaks French, and it is a trendy place among immigrants. The crime rate is as low as 36.63%, and the unemployment rate is 4.3%. Gatineau has very low childcare & housing costs. Also, the income tax here is lower as compared to other cities. The city is home to many federal government offices. The construction industry, service industries, and the federal government back the economy of Gatineau.

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