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10 countries that give long term visa while working remotely

Posted on July 14, 2022
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Long term visa


  • A new initiative, ‘Live and work,’ was launched recently to identify the world’s most remote worker-friendly destinations.
  • This initiative accommodates governments and Destination Marketing Organizations in reviving tourism and support economically.
  • Caribbean, Bali, and the Canary Islands are planning to collaborate with more than 20 destinations worldwide.

A new initiative for remote work

To live and work anywhere, including the Caribbean, Bali, and the Canary Islands, have been collaborating with 20 destinations worldwide and soon will provide long term visa

The 20 destinations are :

 Place Country
Baja California Sur Mexico
Bali Indonesia
Brindisi, Puglia Italy
Buenos Aires Argentina
Caribbean West Indies
Canary Islands Spain
Cape Town South Africa
Colombia Colombia
Dubai United Arab Emirates
Friuli-Venezia Giulia Italy
Lisbon Portugal
Malta Malta
Mexico City Mexico
Palm Springs, California USA
Queensland Australia
Rural France France
Salzkammergut Austria
Tampa Bay, Florida USA
Thailand Thailand
Tulsa, Oklahoma USA


These countries will work closely with many organizations for the next few months to make custom-build hubs for the destinations by displaying lists with the best local long-term stays, entry-related requirements, and tax policies. These destinations will also get collaborated with the educational campaigns to foster responsible hosting and remote working. These destination hubs will get ready to open soon this year.

Destination Hubs

These destination hubs will get established in destinations ranging from entire countries to more minor; and also, new un-explored towns will be selected for remote workers and the emerging policies and their progression for people who want to live and work in a different region and attract a new type of traveler.

There was a delay during the pandemic, as there was already a collaboration happened with around 160 governments and DMOs to encourage the return of tourism to their communities, including Buenos Aires, Malaga, and the French Rural Mayors Association.

Based on the Harvard Business School research, it was obvious that digital nomads and remote workers are much more beneficial to the economy. This also played a major role in nurturing entrepreneurship in the communities where they stay and designing “technology clusters” worldwide.

The proposed initiative proposes that companies expect everything to move normally in terms of travel, which might help re-energize Indonesia’s tourism industry that, gets a better focus and higher quality stays. Now, Indonesia is all set to welcome the world that includes digital nomads looking for remote work-friendly locations like Bali. Bali offers multiple amenities, including infrastructure and a lifestyle closely related to nature and the local community.

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These days, Tulsa, one of the most populated cities in the US, is radiating high energy by captivating many remote workers to come to stay and experience the city.  Using the Tulsa Remote program, a powerful community has been built with 1700+ remote workers.

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