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10 highest paying part-time jobs for International Students

Posted on July 2, 2022
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Part Time Jobs for Students Abroad

  • Part-time jobs for students overseas helps cover some portion of their expenses
  • It gives them a sense of independence
  • You get an opportunity to interact with people other one’s classmates
  • Students can earn over 20 USD per hours
  • Part-Time employment adds to the student’s CV

It is vital to plan the finances of your stay in a foreign country. As a student living overseas, there would be many expenses to cover, right from tuition fees, rent, and living costs. So, you live comfortably and focus on your studies to excel in your career.

A part-time job will not only help resolve this problem, but it is also an effective way of interacting with new people and develops essential skills to enhance your CV.

To ease are your search for part-time employment, here are the top 10 highest-paying jobs for international students:

S No.

Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs Average Wages per hour  (in USD) 
1 Tutor or peer mentor



Sales assistant $20.00
3 Food runner or catering assistant



Department assistant $16.44
5 Research study assistant



Receptionist  $13.31
7 Library assistant



Teaching assistant $11.85
9 Barista



Campus Ambassador


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Top 10 Part-Time Jobs for Students

  1. Tutor or Peer Mentor

If you have teaching skills, you could try your hands on peer mentoring or tutoring. It is a good part-time employment for international students pursuing education abroad.

It involves helping your fellow students or peers with the assignments, course content, or reading as required. The job is suitable for international students who provide tutoring with a distinct perspective or learning method.

The average wage is 21.31 USD per hour

  1. Sales assistant

If there is a supermarket or corner shop on or close to the campus, it is a good way to earn some money along with your studies. Additionally, multiple universities have outlets selling merchandise and clothing. It is an excellent opportunity for part-time employment as an international student.

The average wage is 20.00 USD per hour.

  1. Food runner or Catering Assistant

If your university has dining facilities like restaurants or cafes that offer food and refreshments, you can find work as a catering assistant or a food runner. A job in hospitality is one of the most flexible positions you can have in terms of the hours you work, which makes it ideal for international students studying and working in the USA.

The average wage is 16.81 USD per hour.

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  1. Department Assistant

You will provide support in secretarial and administrative areas for a department. You will be handling departmental concerns and providing support to teams and projects. A department assistant helps you gain many transferable skills in your CV.

You can successfully apply for the role of department assistant. All you will need is computer skills and demonstrate solid teamwork, communication skills, and problem-solving skills.

The average wage is 16.44 USD per hour.

  1. Research Study Assistant

A research study assistant is one of the highest-paid part-time employment for international students on the campus. The duties for the job depend on the department you are working for. You will be expected to work on multiple projects, conduct research, maintenance of lab equipment, and organize results.

You need to demonstrate good organizational skills for the role of a research study assistant. In addition, you need to have excellent interpersonal skills and enthusiasm for research.

The average wage is 15.48 USD per hour.

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  1. Receptionist

The role of a receptionist at a university includes general support in the office and administration, interaction with students, customer service, and communication staff through phone and emails.

It would be helpful to ask the career service at your university to search for part-time work at the reception. Student unions, larger departments, and other important buildings may too have openings for work as receptionists.

The average wage is 13.31 USD per hour

  1. Library Assistant

A library assistant has varied duties. It is suitable for students who hope to simultaneously study further and work in the country. You are required to shelve books, help customers search for books, and recommend books and other materials.

You are expected to provide administrative help to the librarians and organize events at the library.

The average wage is 13.24 USD per hour

  1. Teaching Assistant

The teaching assistant in the university is required to supervise activities in the classroom and work closely with the students who are struggling in their studies.

If you have had some experience in the area, you are eligible to work in the role of teaching assistant at a higher level. You will be expected to lead classes independently and assess the students’ work.

The average wage is 11.85 USD per hour

  1. Barista

If your university has a café on the campus, working there could be a good option. You will get an opportunity to interact with people on the campus or even get a discount on refreshments while working for the cafe.

You should expect your days to be engaging. You will learn how to make hot or cold drinks, serve them to the customers, or work as a cashier.

The average wage is 11.59 USD per hour

  1. Campus ambassador

Campus ambassadors have the responsibility to promote the university and convince prospective students to apply to the college. It is an excellent job for people who like interacting with new people and teamwork.

You are also required to give tours of the university campus, share your knowledge, and give fascinating facts about the university.

The average wage is 10.94 USD per hour.

Part-time jobs are considered necessary by international students when they go to study abroad. The part-time jobs would help in reducing your financial worries. They attain work experience and social interaction. A part-time job gives you a wholesome experience of the student life and culture.

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