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  • UK Migration set to continue at current levels

    Increased immigration from European countries not covered by the Government’s proposed immigration cap, along with a downward trend in emigration, will all lead to net migration staying around the 200,000 level in 2011, the Institute for Public Policy Research (ippr) said. It warned that introducing “hasty measures” so the Government can try to fulfil its… Read More »

    Dec 30, 2010
  • Overseas students worth $1bn to SA’s economy

    INTERNATIONAL education is worth more than $1 billion to SA’s economy, second only to wine. Increased global competition, a rising Australian dollar and tightened visa rules have clouded the sector’s prospects in 2011. International education has overtaken iron and copper ore mining in export earnings, the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows. The sector… Read More »

    Dec 30, 2010
  • IELTS Results Validity – Canada Immigration

    CIC has announced a change in the IELTS test results. If a client is submitting a language test with their application, the results are now valid for 2 years from the time the test was taken. Prior to this change, the test results were valid only for 1 year.   This change is effective from… Read More »

    Dec 30, 2010
  • Interim migration cap reinstated

    The British government reinstated the interim cap on non-European Union immigration which was struck down by court last week. Immigration Minister Damian Green said the court’s ruling was based on a “technicality” and it had been rectified. The cap was now “back up and running”, he said in a statement. The measure, limiting visas for… Read More »

    Dec 28, 2010
  • Tiers 1 and 5 of the points-based system – Biometric residence permits

    All applicants desirous of applying for renewal of their UK Tier 1 visa and Tier 5 visa under the temporary worker categories will have to provide biometrics information in their application with effect from 14th December 2010 onwards. Migrants must enroll their biometric information; fingerprints and facial photograph, with the UK Border Agency if they… Read More »

    Dec 28, 2010
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