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  • London Mayor Proposes Work Visa Solution for Indian Students

    LONDON:  London mayor Boris Johnson has proposed a new Commonwealth work visa for Indian students which will allow them to work for two years after graduating from a British university which he hopes will help address the sharp decline in foreign students coming to study in the UK. As part of proposals he has forwarded… Read More »

    Nov 25, 2015
  • Indian students in US up by record 29.4%

    MUMBAI: Indian students going to the US went up by 29.4 per cent this year, a record high, revealed the Open Doors Report on International Education Exchange released on Monday. From hosting around 1.02 lakh Indian students last year, US has been the destination for 30,000 more students in 2014-15 – the largest growth from… Read More »

    Nov 25, 2015
  • Israel Easing Visa Restrictions for Foreign Entrepreneurs

    The percentage of foreign employees in Tel Aviv startups is far below global and Silicon Valley averages, the Wall Street Journal reportedon Tuesday. Just 2% of Tel Aviv startup staff are foreign, while those figures are 29% globally and 5% in Silicon Valley, California, according to a recent report by Startup Compass Inc. — a bench-marking tool that allows CEOs to view their own metrics… Read More »

    Nov 25, 2015
  • UK court rules immigrant spouses must speak English

    The UK Supreme Court today rejected a challenge against immigration rules requiring people to speak English before joining their spouses in Britain, a landmark ruling which could affect thousands of immigrants from countries like India. The case was brought by two female British citizens whose husbands, from Yemen and Pakistan, want to come to the… Read More »

    Nov 25, 2015
  • Foreign student numbers jump despite tuition fees

    The number of fee-paying students from outside the European Union or European Economic Area, or EU/EEA, at higher education institutions in Sweden rose by 30% in 2014-15 compared to the previous year. It was the first time that the number of incoming students had risen since the introduction of tuition fees in 2011 and amounted… Read More »

    Nov 25, 2015
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