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  • Masters students from outside EEA working in UK reduce drastically in last five years

    Most students from outside of European Economic Region (EEA) want to study in the UK, but do want to work there. The Financial Times (FT) was quoted as saying that Britain was unable to retain highly skilled overseas graduates who studied in the country’s best business schools. Data gathered by the FT shows that the… Read More »

    Jun 30, 2016
  • Update on employment of foreign students in the UK in 2016 summer

    As the summer holidays approach, UK companies will see a spurt in the number of job applications, especially from foreign students. They may find employing foreign students on an internship basis an attractive proposition, as they can converse in multiple languages. But there are certain restrictions’ employers they need to be aware of while hiring… Read More »

    Jun 29, 2016
  • Brexit will not affect migration says Julian Assange

    Julian Assange, the founder and the editor of the controversial website WikiLeaks, said on 23 June that even if the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, it would have no impact on migration as the country is a member of trade groups, including the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA). Pro-Brexit campaigners used migration as an… Read More »

    Jun 28, 2016
  • India, China and the Philippines account for most migrants to New Zealand in the last decade

    Asians make up for the most number of people migrating to New Zealand in the long term, according to a study conducted by New Zealand Herald daily. Countries such as India and the Philippines are sending the most number of students to this island nation located in the southwestern part of Pacific Ocean. On the… Read More »

    Jun 28, 2016
  • UK trade would get affected by limitations on migration

    Two Swedish economists, Dr. Andreas Hatzigeorgiou, and Dr. Magnus Lodefalk speaking on behalf of their fellow economists say that one of the most adverse impacts of Brexit would be on the trade in the UK. They further added to the point that earlier reporting and assessments of the implications of Brexit on trade and the… Read More »

    Jun 27, 2016
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