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  • The top five nations to immigrate in 2017

    With the onset of 2017, let’s have a look at the top five most preferred destinations to immigrate to in this New Year. Canada: Canada appears to be by and large the most appealing destination for immigration. It is not only stunningly beautiful with serene nature and towering cities, it also has the most forthcoming… Read More »

    Jan 19, 2017
  • Understanding the Graduate Entrepreneur Visa – Tier 1

    Overseas students with practical entrepreneurial ideas qualify to own a start up in the UK through the Graduate Entrepreneur Visa – Tier 1. This visa authorizes applicants whose applications are successfully processed to reside in the UK after their degree to set up their business. Overseas students who wish to apply for the authorization of… Read More »

    Jan 17, 2017
  • Indian-American chosen for the education campaign in the US

    Swetha Prabhakaran, an Indian American has been selected by Michelle Obama the US First Lady to serve in an inaugural education campaign of the Student Advisory Board. The 16 year old PIO will be associated with the campaign that seeks to offer the teenagers in the US opportunities for education. The parents of Swetha immigrated… Read More »

    Jan 12, 2017
  • H1B visa restrictions in US may turn out be to India’s gain

    As the new political dispensation takes over in the United States, Donald Trump, the American President-elect, and Sen. Jeff Sessions, a strong frontrunner for attorney general’s position, are looking to revamp the H1B visa scheme in a big way. Some aver that it may be altogether be junked. These specific visas bring to America 100,000… Read More »

    Jan 11, 2017
  • A student’s brush with IELTS 10 times

    Asri Samsu, an Indonesian, is reported to have taken the IELTS (short for International English Language Testing System) test 10 times before he could score 6.5, which was needed to get admitted into a university in Australia. IELTS is unequivocally the most accepted test for English proficiency world over. Australia Plus quotes Asri as telling… Read More »

    Jan 3, 2017
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