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  • Are you aware when WIU will celebrate Overseas Education Week?

    Overseas Education Week will be celebrated by the Western Illinois University from November 2 to 14 this year. WIU normally celebrates IEW for 1 week from Monday to Friday (November 12 10 16). However, this year WIU will celebrate IEW for 2 weeks in November with a series of activities. US Department of State has… Read More »

    Oct 31, 2018
  • US Universities have nearly 2.5 lakh, Indian Students!

    US Universities have around 2.5 lakh Indian students making India 2nd largest source nation for overseas students in the US. The statistics are for the fiscal year 2017. China is the top source nation with 4.81 lakhs students in the US from the nation. The report was revealed by the Student and Exchange Visitor Information… Read More »

    Oct 30, 2018
  • The world’s largest visa-free zone – Schengen Area

    Schengen Area marks a region where in 26 European countries eliminated their internal borders for the unrestricted movement of people. However, they follow the common rules for controlling external borders by strengthening the common judiciary system and police cooperation. Schengen Area consists of most of the EU countries except the UK, Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia… Read More »

    Oct 30, 2018
  • Checklist for Indian passport holders before a Schengen Visa interview

    Indians holding an ordinary passport and planning to visit the Schengen states should obtain a pre-visit visa. A Schengen visa takes about 15 to 30 days to arrive. The area comprises 26 European countries. Indian passport holders cannot obtain a Visa on arrival in these states. It incorporates most EU states, except for Croatia, Ireland,… Read More »

    Oct 30, 2018
  • english
    Tips to excel at your English Test for Study Overseas

    The number of Indian students enrolling for a degree overseas is constantly increasing. However, the process of migrating for study overseas is not very straightforward. They have to prepare for English exams and score well to get into the college or course of their choices. Hence, it is crucial for students to plan well and… Read More »

    Oct 29, 2018
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