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What are the 2019 trends for study abroad?

Posted on February 7, 2019
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2019 trends for study abroad

More Indian students are now pursuing education abroad, as per the Reserve Bank of India. There has been an increase of 44% in the expenses of Indian students on tuition and accommodations costs abroad. From $1.9 billion in 2013-14, the expenditure has now increased to $2.8 billion in 2017-18.

The US, Canada, and the UK are still hot favourites among study abroad destinations. However, Indian students opting for countries like Australia and Europe are also rising.

Here are the study abroad trends that we can witness in 2019:

1. What courses will be popular in 2019?

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) courses will continue to be the most preferred among Indian students. Many Universities abroad have tied up with industry bodies to make their curriculum more relevant to the current job market. Hence, STEM courses will continue to remain in high demand in 2019.

2. Indian students are opting for unconventional courses

As per the Open Doors Report of 2018, students in India and abroad are now choosing unconventional courses. Courses like marine engineering, game development, geophysics etc. are in high demand. These courses are often not available in India. This makes many Indian students choose to study abroad.

Also, parents today are more supportive of their children choosing unconventional courses. More Indian students are expected to go for unusual courses in 2019.

3. Specialized courses will rise

With rapid automation in the current world, new job roles are fast evolving. More employers are now looking for people skilled in specialized fields like Artificial Intelligence and Automation.

2019 will witness a rise in the demand for courses like Robotics, AI, and Mechatronics.

4. Which will be the preferred countries to study abroad in 2019?

  • USA

The USA will continue to be the preferred study abroad destination for Indian students in 2019. There are currently around 186,000 Indian students in the US now. They make up almost 17% of the international student population.

  • Canada

Canada is fast emerging as an immensely popular study abroad destination for Indian students. With the introduction of the Study Direct Stream Program, the number of Indian students applying to study in Canada has increased. The numbers are expected to go up further in 2019.

  • Australia

There are a large number of Indian students in cities like Sydney and Melbourne in Australia. In 2018, more Indian students were opting for newer regions like Perth, Northern Territory and the Gold Coast. Indian students prefer to go for PG courses in Australia as that gives them a pathway to PR, as per India Today.

  • UK

Due to stringent immigration rules, the number of Indian students in the UK has fallen drastically. However, the UK Govt. is taking measures to increase the inflow of foreign students.

If the UK re-introduces the Post-Study Work Visa, more Indian students would choose the UK for higher education.

  • European countries

Many Indian students are opting for European countries as they offer affordable education.

Ireland, Germany, Latvia etc. are fast emerging as popular study abroad destinations.

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