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  • IELTS test prep- what you should memorize and what you should not

    For the IELTS test, memorizing allows you to develop certain abilities when it comes to language tests. There are some things that you cannot memorize, though. You can also not memorize mechanically, since it will not help you learn long-term English. The blog today will introduce stuff you can memorize and stuff you cannot memorize… Read More »

    Nov 23, 2020
  • Speak to score in the TOEFL exam – Tips for the speaking test

    Let’s get right into TOEFL preparation. Let’s look at what is waiting for you in the speaking section of the TOEFL test. TOEFL speaking section is the shortest section of the exam. But when it comes to good performance in the section, it takes considerable effort and preparation. After all, speaking effectively is a challenge… Read More »

    Nov 23, 2020
  • What are the eligibility requirements for Australia Skilled visa in 2021?

    Australia remains among the most sought-after destinations for migrate overseas. If you are a skilled foreign worker looking to work and live anywhere in Australia, getting to know the eligibility requirements for Australia Skilled visa in 2021 can be quite useful. While there are many visas that come under the ‘skilled’ category, here we shall… Read More »

    Nov 23, 2020
  • Live in Dubai and work anywhere in the world

    Dubai has launched a Virtual Working Programme to tap in on the global trend of employees working from home due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Dubai launched the Virtual Working Programme in October which will enable professionals from overseas to do remote work for their employer in their home country while living in Dubai. Under the… Read More »

    Nov 23, 2020
  • What is the Australia PR process timeline in 2021?

    Australia is a popular destination for those interested in migrating overseas. One of the most common queries related to Australia that visa and immigration consultants receive on an almost daily basis is as to the Australia PR process timeline. However, before we move on to the process timeline, let us look at the top reasons… Read More »

    Nov 21, 2020
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