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  • Canada admitted 57,365 immigrants through the Express Entry

    From January to October 2020, Canada admitted a total of 57,365 immigrants through the Express Entry system.              Source: Statista Regarded to be the mainstay of Canadian immigration, Canada’s Express Entry system manages the pool of candidates for the 3 main economic immigration programs of the federal government of Canada.… Read More »

    Dec 30, 2020
  • Highest paid professionals in Australia under SOL- 2021

    If you are one of the thousands of skilled workers thinking of moving to Australia somewhere in the near future, knowing which occupations are in demand in Australia in 2021 can help in making your migration to Australia easier. In fact, one of the eligibility requirements under the Skilled Migration program is that as an… Read More »

    Dec 30, 2020
  • How to migrate from Singapore to the UK in 2021?

    The United Kingdom is one of the top destinations for those wishing to migrate from Singapore. Most of them migrate to the UK for job opportunities and with the UK introducing the Skilled Worker Visa which will come into effect from January 2021, professionals from Singapore can hope to find job opportunities to migrate to… Read More »

    Dec 28, 2020
  • Italy – Europe’s Mediterranean hub

    Italy situated in South Central Europe has a population of more than 60 million people. The country is known for its cuisine and is a major tourist attraction. It has the fourth largest economy in the Eurozone. It has a GDP of 32,000 USD. Immigrating to Italy If you have to stay in Italy for… Read More »

    Dec 28, 2020
  • My journey as a Sales Manager from India to Canada (Ontario)

    Sales is what my career is all about. A Sales Manager by profession, an immigrant by choice. My story, in my style. You can call me Rahul. Rahul Singh, to do my parents a favour. Well, sales is what actually drives a company. Literally speaking. No matter what innovation you come up with, no matter… Read More »

    Dec 28, 2020
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