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  • Top Most In-Demand Jobs in Quebec

    After lifting the pandemic restrictions, most of the provinces in Canada are facing labor shortages. One among them is Quebec. Quebec, the eastern province of Canada, is offering tremendous job opportunities for immigrants. It is also supporting immigrants with additional provincial funding just for their settlement. After the pandemic, the province is facing acute labor… Read More »

    Nov 29, 2021
  • How many points required for Canada PR visa in 2022?

    Canadian permanent residence (PR) status has many pathways leading to it. When you decide to take up permanent resident in Canada, the most-suitable Canada immigration pathway for you will be as per your individual circumstances and expectations. In order to apply for permanent residency in Canada, you must first find out as to which immigration… Read More »

    Nov 29, 2021
  • Top Most In-Demand Jobs in British Columbia

    British Columbia, the West Coast province, has recorded a low unemployment rate in 2021.   After lifting the pandemic restrictions and the advent of the vaccine, passports has given rise to more number of job opportunities in British Columbia in September, 2021. The province has recorded the lowest unemployment rates in Canada, and in Kelowna, and… Read More »

    Nov 26, 2021
  • What is the job outlook for Canada for 2022?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed economies around the world and ensuing job outlook for many countries and the work opportunities for immigration candidates. Canada is no exception. To understand how the COVID-19 pandemic will impact the job outlook for Canada in 2022, it is necessary to look at the Canadian Occupational Projection System (COPS), a… Read More »

    Nov 25, 2021
  • What is the easiest way to get Australia PR in 2022?

    If you’re thinking of applying for a permanent resident visa in Australia in 2022, you might be wondering which route is the easiest. Well, it depends on a number of factors. Each of Australia’s migration programs have their own set of qualifying criteria, terms, and selection criteria. Points-based system  The eligibility of immigration applications in… Read More »

    Nov 24, 2021
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