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3 Safety tips to follow before going to study abroad

Posted on October 7, 2019
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Study Abroad - Safety Tips

Studying abroad is an exciting opportunity for many Indians. It is also more important to stay safe when you are there. You got to stay sharp, focused and cautious all the time.

Below are 3 safety tips to follow when you study abroad.

Do not prioritize price when looking for accommodation

Students often browse the internet and try to find the price and look of the student residence or the apartment in which they are going to stay. The most important thing you got to remember here is that you have to consider the location of your residence. This would actually determine the way you commute within the city. When checking online, go for the most updated sources. Sometimes, you might end up paying a little more but that is worth a peaceful neighbourhood and travelling a short distance to your college or university.

Good to know the local language

It is very common to find people speaking in English which makes communication easier with foreign locals. But, it would be even wise if you could learn some local phrases and their meaning too. This would help you for better communication with locals and come in handy when you are in need of help. It would really help you a lot if you can carry a pocket dictionary that has the phrases of the local language with their meaning in your native language.

Check your wardrobe

There is a great chance that you need to but new clothing to suit to the country’s climate. This doesn’t mean that you buy all your clothing before travelling. It would be a clever idea if you buy the new clothing after you travel to the new place. This would help you carry lesser luggage. Moreover, you will have the liberty to buy clothes similar to what the locals wear.

As far as possible, do not try to look like a tourist. Try to at least look like a local.

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