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Would productivity increase or decrease in a 4-day work week

Posted on July 12, 2022
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4-day work week

Would productivity increase or decrease in a 4-day work week?

Highlights of 4-day work week trail process in US and Canada

  • The four-day work week is tested for a 6-month trial, with no loss of employee pay.
  • Around 92% of the employees have supported the four-day work week, out of which 79% say this helps mental health, 82% stated that this would make more productive in the survey of 1000 adults.
  • If the four-day work week is yet to be implemented, then the employers and employees must discuss the plans and implement this on a few employees on a trial basis.

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The testing phase of the four-day week

A Global, a non-profit organization associated with Oxford University, is currently testing a six-month trial of four day work week with no loss of pay for the employees.

Dozens of companies from the US and Canada participated in this feat, with a total of 150 organizations and 7000 employees participating worldwide.

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A new bill in the California legislature proposed a regular payment that can be paid for 32 hours of work in a week by omitting overtime. As there is less support for this proposal, this measure has been halted but may appear again in 2023.

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Challenging Change

The one big challenge during this four-day work week is, as some of the employees are working four days only, the other number of employees are working for five days. This makes the employee who is on of, is pulled in and due to the emails, and you are made to work.

Majorly the work-related travels and responsibilities get disturbed due to the 5th day off. Currently, the results are mixed.

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Altering consumer behavior and their expectations

Benjamin Granger, the head of an employee experience advisory services, Qualtrics, “If the employees find the 4-day work week as an interesting idea, as it is probably some find it as an interchange.” This four-day work week experiment provides the company’s research indicating an analysis of customer frustration and the impact on response time.

Based on the critical mass, the adopted short work week competes in the workforce after adoption. The customer expectations and consumer behaviors must be revised and reshaped.

There must be additional benefits even for the regular work weeks, instead of four days. The employees must have workspace flexibility, which means they must be given a chance to choose their hours to work instead of mandating them to 9-5 jobs.

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The pay cut is a ‘yes.’

According to the Survey by Qualtrics, out of every ten, four of the employees are okay with a 5% or more pay cut for four day work week, which means 37%. Around 72% of the survey takers say that a day work week is nothing but working for longer days.

Many people say 10 hours per day is also not child care friendly. If the company decides to pay eight hours a day and only four days working, the company is trying to reduce costs.

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 Considering the trade-offs

The Companies need to work and must do proper research on the four-day work week and its flexibility at the workplace before adopting this. If the employees and the employers are interested in this feat, then they can try the following trade-off.

There must be some strong and statistical factors for which the employees would be interested in adopting this trace-off and the usage of this to both parties. Suppose there is a strong interest in it. In that case, the company can install this pilot program on the employees interested in it instead of applying it to the whole company employees.

Belanger proposes, “If the four-day work week is yet to be implemented in your company, the following objectives might help the employees and the employers.

  • Now and then, the employees must get extended weekends off. This step will help the employee to work stress-free without having any piled-up work while on a longer vacation.
  • No meeting during Fridays also helps in having a reduced number of meetings on the whole.
  • Instant messaging, continuous emails or texting during vacations or breaks is a kind of ‘Telepressure’ for the employees. The constraint of responding to work-related texts or emails is real; this must be avoided.

Every employee must get at least a couple of hours every day where he/she is not working 100%; this will boost mental health.

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