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5 Cost effective Universities to Study abroad

Posted on September 28, 2019
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Cost effective Universities to Study abroad

Lots of international students are often in need of financial aid. Understanding this, many universities have cut down their tuition fees. This doesn’t mean that the quality of education is lowered. The below 5 universities have brought down their fees with no compromise on the quality of education they impart.

Let’s see who are they and where are they located.

The Technical University of Munich – Germany

This university is not only one of the cheapest for international students but also ranks as one of the best universities in the world. There is no tuition fee for international students here. It is free of cost.

Basically, there is no tuition fee for all the students in this university; this applies to all the international students too in the university. The minimal cost for a complete semester would be somewhere around $200.

The Brandon University – Canada

Though there is no free tuition offer in Canada for international students, the tuition fee at the Brandon University is very much affordable. The cost you pay towards tuition fee depends on factors like the number of classes, living plan and the meal plan you are opting for.

The Royal Agricultural University – United Kingdom

The Royal Agricultural University is one among the best universities in the field of agricultural research. Compared to other universities in England, this university offers very less tuition fee along with great education.

The tuition fee for international students is as low as $12,000.

The University of Central Arkansas – United States

The University of Central Arkansas is yet another university that offers very low tuition fees for international students. The faculty to student ratio in this university is very low.

This fees costs as low as $9,000.

The Oslo University – Norway

Norway too offers free tuition for international students just like Germany. This university offers free education to students. This university is one of the reputed universities in the world.

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