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5 Tips to achieve career success as a new immigrant to Canada

Posted on July 15, 2022
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New immigrants


  • For a better career and to be a tough player in the competitive Canadian labor market, the new immigrants must invest in improving their skills and knowledge.
  • Gain required training and professional courses that suit your career path.
  • Newcomers must have a career and financial plan before applying for the visa.

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Priorities to set for newcomers coming to Canada

Before coming to Canada, the newcomers must set a few priorities for a better career establishment as it is one of the precious forward steps moving to a new country and setting up a career.

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To set your career in Canada and your dreams get wings, you must have an achievable career success plan. Achieve your goals like having a car, owning a house, or even saving for retirement will be possible only when you have your career graph properly.

A ‘career success plan’ can be prepared independently, or you can even take the help of a career coach. This plan helps in each step to reach the goal that you set for your career development through training, education, networking, accreditation, and courses that help you develop professionally.

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The skilled international newcomers coming to Canada from various origin countries need the next level of training and education; instead, it should not be like returning to school. Balancing school with work (part-time/full-time) or family constraints may put additional pressure on those under financial stress.
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Investing to improve your skills and knowledge will make you a tough competitor in the Canadian labor market; if your skills match the in-demand skills will make you a valued asset.

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Tips for making your big dreams become a reality

1.      Select the right education route

Canada provides enormous ways for newcomers willing to enrich their knowledge and skills through education. Many professional development courses and post-schooling study programs are mainly specific to the industry, like bridge training, online boot camps, or micro-credentials.

You can find many other courses too, but they require a reasonable time of yours and also money. Most of such courses are college diplomas, university degrees, or can be continuing education certificates.

To know which suits you better, you need to decide about the industry you want to work in, and also get training or professional development courses along with striving for the certifications. An analysis shows that understanding the proper educational pathway will help the skilled newcomers grow their incomes and succeed in their careers

The foremost step one needs to take is to check the job description to decide the level of education necessary. Never hesitate to accept recommendations from friends, colleagues, or career coaches to decide on the right path.

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2.      Stick to your career plan

Having a balance between work, commitments, and processing the career success plan to become successful in your life is in demand. Prioritize your set goals and actions by keeping your career plan at the top level. This helps you to reach out and finish the tasks and, step by step, reach your goals.

Plan your days or weeks accordingly to study, build a professional network, finish the professional development courses and take one step at a time to set up your career advancement. Creating a dedicated study space with enough lighting and discussing the tasks and the goals you set with your friends and family is also a part of your career success plan, as you will be committed to it for a cent percent.

3.      Use technology in such a way that works for you

Let it be preparing and developing your career success plan or implementing it, or even achieving the everyday goals you set, make the technology that can help you in your journey.

Several mobile apps and career planning tools are available online these days. You can avail yourself of the free government of Canada career planning resources online to understand your skills and interests better.

You can make a plan about your steps using these virtual tools, such as the Alberta-based ‘Alis platform’. Or some apps like flow and many other apps will help track and evaluate your progress in your career, education, and professional goals.

4.      Have a financial plan

Preparing a financial plan to lead you to a career success plan is essential. Knowing how to plan the finances for a career as a newcomer to Canada is also principal planning in a career plan. Without having financial resources, you will not be able to pay for your education or for any professional development courses.

The financial plan that you prepare needs to have goals, sources, and time you will spend on each. Moreover, you should clearly understand the costs you will pay for a better career.

The government provides many student grants for fee reduction and affordable loans for skilled newcomers who are looking for a license in Canada.

An organization like Windmill Microlending, a charitable trust that is popular nationally, helps exclusively for skilled immigrants and refugees. You can save up to $15,000 to cover your tuition, program fees, study materials, textbooks, relocation, living allowances, and other expenses like child care while studying. You can find many free financial planning templates online for developing your own.

5.      Learn the Language

Communicating effectively plays a vital role in succeeding in Canada. You can convey your ideas well, read, write and understand the language of your new country; otherwise, you will not have the chance to showcase all your other skills.

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