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5 ways to get the high score in the TOEFL Speaking section

Posted on September 28, 2022
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5 ways to get the high score in the TOEFL Speaking section

Objective for different ways to prepare for TOEFL speaking section

TOEFL Speaking is one of the newest sections in the TOEFL test, which is been added a few years ago. It was called one of the hardest sections for the test takers, whereas, for a few of them, the writing section was the difficult one.

The speaking section estimates the ability to communicate in English clearly apart from that, it also quantifies the vocabulary and grammar knowledge in a limited time. This article will help you to crack the TOEFL speaking section within time and various ways to understand it.

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5 Ways to Practice for the TOEFL Speaking Section

You can find a lot of ways to prepare for the TOEFL Speaking section. But the best practice is to do a lot of practice. Following are a few reasons on how to get your speaking section scored high and what needs to be practiced before the test.

1. All by yourself:

This is one of the organized ways for practicing the speaking section. You can select the topics that match up with the TOEFL exam standards, syllabus, and pattern.

You can concentrate on the weaknesses that obstruct your flow of speech and can work on them. If having trouble answering the question in the given timeline, then try spending extra time to reach the timelines, that is answering in under 30 seconds, or can work on speaking slowly to overcome nervousness.

You have the freedom to study anywhere that makes you comfortable talking and repeating things like practicing at home or library study room.

Try practicing at your own pace of speech and you can even laugh at your voice if it sounds weird. Try recording and correcting yourself by listening and retrying it.

To make the setup ready, you need headphones with a microphone, which is connected to your system.

You need recording software like Audacity, which is freeware to record your voice.

List your TOEFL-appropriate topics and start practicing. Record your practicing speech and then playback your answers to evaluate yourself on the tone, clarity, and pace.

Make sure you do not use repetitive words and pauses, or the fillers like umm’s and hmm’s. Make a note of your speed which is increasing or decreasing when you are nervous.

Remember the speed or the pace of your talking is very important. At the same time, the response time that you are taking is also crucial.

Practicing regularly by yourself will help you.

One more option is that you can take up coaching classes for TOEFL from a reputed coaching service, which will regularly monitor your practice and help you in every step of the test.

2. Take the help of an Authorized Teacher or Tutor

There are tutors who teach the English language to the student, which you probably have already known. And their many teachers who are specialized in teaching English for the TOEFL test too. They knew the TOEFL pattern very well and can guide you precisely to improve your score.

Y-Axis provides well-versed teachings for TOEFL with multiple years of teaching experience. Y-Axis also provides flexible timings for your online classes as well.

Many test takers have received benefits from Y-Axis experienced teachings and moved abroad for a better career.

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3. Group Study

Group study is one of the oldest techniques of social experience, which has many advantages. Get together with some of the other TOEFL takers, and try practicing for the speaking section with them in a natural way.

TOEFL speaking is in general called a monolog task, where you will speak to yourself all by yourself, that too alone.

You can restructure your speaking session into dialogues, so that two members can participate in this, for practice at the same time. This helps in getting feedback from your peers on your pronunciation and clarity.

You can even record this and playback it to know where you went wrong if needed. Or give feedback to each other and suggestions to improve it. Both the speak speakers must stick to timelines while practicing speaking.

There are a few difficulties in studying in a group which is majorly logistical. Most of the time the group dynamics make it hard to practice on the microphone. Sometimes even you need to share your microphone if you had to study with other people.

One more difficulty is finding the right people for group study. Getting like-minded people who are also preparing for TOEFL is hard.

Another option is to register for a TOEFL preparation class if you are facing trouble finding a study group. Here for signing up for a TOEFL batch, you just need to find a mentor or tutor who will help you with the preparation.

Y-Axis has a successful history of providing coaching for TOEFL aspirants, both classroom training and online.

To make your group study effective, then make a list of TOEFL-related topics and access the conversations that are going on. Try alternative dialogue delivery and monologue exchanges for better practice.

You can even try to invite a native English speaker to oversee or check your session at least once or twice before you take the actual test. Take the feedback related to your skills and prepare accordingly by adjusting our study strategy.

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4. Social environment

The main aim of TOEFL is to make sure that you can communicate in English clearly which is understandable. Somehow, there is no test that can test the 100% accuracy of anyone’s language.

Speaking English is an important skill that will benefit you once you are successfully survived TOEFL. Hence getting practiced with English-speaking people in a relaxed social environment, is another great addition to your study sessions.

If you are living in a big city, there are plenty of opportunities. You can visit the places where there are usual gatherings of people who are willing to practice foreign languages like English.

The benefits of practicing speaking are very obvious you will be exposed to many native English speakers, and you will become more confident, speaking quickly without fear.

It is suggested to practice listening and speaking sections at the very same time are more useful for TOEFL.

Always, make it an aim, to use 1 or 2 new words from any conversation that happened in English. Use it during discussions on the TOEFL topic in which you recently practiced.

Make note of the observations that you see on how people are reacting to your speaking and note if they have difficulty understanding you.

5. Prepare a schedule TOEFL Speaking Schedule

The number one way to keep yourself consistent and accountable to prepare for the speaking section of TOEFL is to make a schedule. Either use paper or a Google calendar to prepare your schedule and follow it strictly without getting attracted to distractions.

If you are prone to distracting activities, then will not achieve your expected TOEFL Speaking goals.

If you reach mastery of the TOEFL speaking section will be much easier for you to crack the test because distractions should not bother you.

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