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73% of Indians will take more weekend overseas trips in 2019

Posted on March 1, 2019
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overseas trips in 2019

73% of Indians will be taking more weekend overseas trips in 2019 and weekend getaways will be the top trend for Indian travellers. This has been revealed by the latest research held by

The travel platform had conducted recent research. It reveals that almost 3/4ths or 73%of the Indian travellers plan more weekend overseas trips in 2019.

Around 84% of the Indian travellers intend to take up an overseas holiday. This is for sightseeing, mental relaxation and other activities related to travel.

The research also reveals that around 84% of the Indians travel along with their families. Meanwhile, 83% of them seek a change from their busy work life, as quoted by the Economic Times.

2019 is predicted to be a year all about bite-sized, made-to-measure travel. Travellers expect that travel itinerary is pinched into a short timeline. The manta will be less is more. The reasons for this are hectic lifestyles of cities and increased work pressure.

The Research Methodology was commissioned by It was conducted independently among a section of adults. These had taken overseas trips in the past 12 months or are planning to take up one in the coming 12 months.

Totally 21,500 respondents were included in the poll and 1,000 each had participated from:

South Korea, Colombia, Indonesia, Russia, UK, US, India, Brazil, China, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and Australia

500 respondents each had participated from:

Israel, Singapore, Sweden, Netherlands, Mexico, Taiwan, Croatia, Hong Kong, Denmark, Canada, Belgium, Argentina, Thailand, New Zealand, and Japan

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