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85% of immigrants become citizens of Canada

Posted on April 18, 2022
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85% of immigrants become citizens of Canada

Canada has a lot of bucket-filled attractions and has an awesome vibe for natural wonders. It consists of some breath taking destinations. Canada is also known to be the land of immigrants as it welcomes millions of newcomers to settle here.

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Immigration stages in Canada during ages

  • Canada follows the immigration point system, and this point system is introduced in the 1960s for immigrants to enter Canada.
  • In the 1980s, the number of refugees entering Canada grew huge numbers.
  • During the late 80s and early 90s, Canada opened doors for skilled immigrants who could be employable with expertise or financial resources. With this, the immigrant’s employability increased by 6% overall.
  • An up-gradation in Canadian immigration happened in 2001; Canada tightened the immigration rules due to terrorist threats around the globe.
  • The contemporary immigration of Canada in modern days helped increase the number of immigrants all over the world.

Recent update on Canadian Citizenship

In a recent update, the highest rate of Canadian immigration turned to Canadian Citizenship, i.e., up to 85%.

Benefits of Canadian Citizenship

  • Ability to live permanently
  • One of the most peaceful and economically independent country
  • Stable politically and socially
  • One can enjoy powerful passports
  • Having a chance to vote.

Conditions to become Canadian Citizenship

Every year hundreds and thousands of permanent residents apply to become Canadian citizens. Following are the rules to satisfy to get Canadian Citizenship.

  • Become a permanent resident: To get Canadian Citizenship, one must hold Canadian permanent resident status, irrespective of your age.
  • Physical presence requirement must be satisfied: One should physically present in Canada for at least 1095 days, i.e., three years.

The temporary residents or protected persons in Canada can calculate their physical requirements as each day one spent in Canada counted as a half-day in the last five years.

Note: Time spent outside Canada does not come to undercount the physical presence requirements.

  • If needed, file in your taxes: File the taxes paid for at least three years within five years before applying for Canadian Citizenship.
  • Assess your language skills: Assessing language proficiency aged 18 – 54 years at a specific level will meet some of the requirements.
  • Canadian citizenship test should be satisfied: Those aged 18-54 should give a citizenship test in their rights and responsibilities to get a Canadian citizenship application. The test is for 30 minutes in English or French and contains multiple-choice or true/ false questions. Also based on Canada’s geography, history, economy, laws, government, and symbols.


Becoming a Canadian is a rewarding toffee for an immigrant to become a Canadian citizen.

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