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A brief guide for Indians to study in Ireland – Part 2

Posted on May 9, 2020
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Ireland Study Visa

We have explored why the Ireland study visa is a ticket to great opportunities and world-class education. Now we can look at the general factors that make Ireland such an attractive study destination.

Besides the environment for studies and career-building opportunities, international students with an Ireland student visa look for other factors. These include:

  • Living costs
  • Accommodation
  • Health insurance
  • Work opportunities

Living costs

Your living costs in Ireland will depend on which area of Ireland you are staying in and studying in. Of course, your personal lifestyle will make a big difference too. On average, a student will meet a living expense from €7,000 and €12,000 per year.

Besides the regular or recurring costs, certain one-time costs too should be considered while traveling to Ireland. Here is a list of such costs.

Cost Monthly (in Euros) Annually (in Euros)
Rent 427 3,843
Food 167 1,503
Utilities 28 252
Books & Class materials 70 630
Travel 135 1,215
Mobile 31 279
Medical/Clothes 41 369
Social life & Misc. 75 675
These details come from the Dublin Institute of Technology Cost of Living Guide 2017/18


Many colleges in Ireland offer on-campus accommodation. It’s high in demand and pretty expensive too. Every university has halls of residence. These are generally apartments housing 4 to 8 students. They have a shared kitchen and private bedroom apart from a bathroom and living room. The rent payments for on-campus accommodation is paid in 2 installments: in September and February. Utilities are extra.

Self-catering rented accommodation is also available in Ireland on a monthly rental payment. Students can also choose to live with a host family, which gives a more independent and homely stay.

Health insurance

Non-European students are not provided any insurance coverage for free medical care off-campus. The best option for students then is private insurance. Anyways, medical insurance will be necessary as the hospital expenses can get very expensive.

When registering with the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB), these students must show proof of comprehensive medical insurance. GNIB is the body that oversees and regulates immigration, detects, and takes decisions on matters of immigration in Ireland. Proof of health insurance must also be produced when applying for a student visa.

Work opportunities

International students do not need a work permit in Ireland if they are undergoing a course of minimum one-year duration. The course must serve the purpose of getting a qualification that is recognized by the Irish Department of Education and Skills.

Students who have got a valid immigration stamp 2 permission can work 40 hours per week. This is applied only to the months from June till September, and from December 15 to January 15 (inclusive).

At any other time than these, students with Immigration permission Stamp 2 can only work 20 hours per week. The permission ends with the expiry of the Stamp 2 immigration permission.

So, how do you find Ireland for a start? It’s a great place to study and a better place to build a new life.

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