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A comprehensive guide to scholarships for International Students

Posted on August 12, 2023
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How can students get scholarships abroad?

  • Seek help from professionals
  • Research in various countries
  • Contact funders of scholarships directly
  • Write impressive SOPs
  • Get LORs from your professors or guides
  • Know how candidates are evaluated

A comprehensive guide to scholarships for International Students

More than four million students have been admitted to educational institutions overseas for education at the university level in 2022. There are many scholarships available globally, allowing students who want to go abroad to study to apply for them.

Before applying for international scholarships, students need to put in time and energy to process their applications.

Let’s see how averagely faring students can apply for scholarships and what the different requirements are for various scholarships.

Are average students eligible for scholarships?

A majority of scholarships are granted to students having exceptional abilities in academics, arts, or sports. Many scholarships are granted to all types of students by means of sponsorships and financial funding of various types. It does not, however, mean that average students do not have people raising funds for them, as most of these sponsors were themselves not considered talented enough or sufficiently eligible.

It is a fact that not all individuals studying abroad are so successful enough in academics to obtain scholarships. But it does not also mean that they do not have adequate skills to prove themselves if given an opportunity.

In the past few years, a lot of colleges are not striving purely for top academic distinction. They are, in fact, attempting to increase diversity in their institutions and have admitted students hailing from diverse cultural, political, and societal backgrounds. This has resulted in a rise of international students enrolling at various campuses all over the world.

Popular international scholarships

Mentioned below are some popular international scholarships that many students would want to apply for. While they include scholarships that are fully funded, there are also others that provide students a one-time monetary aid. They all depend on the type.

Given below are details of some of the popular scholarships.

Name of scholarship Educational level Grant
Fulbright Program (USA) Master’s or doctorate Full scholarship
Scholarship Points High School/ Graduate students One-time Monetary Aid
Rotary Peace Fellowships Certification for Professional Development Full Scholarship
There’s Space for Everyone College Freshers/ Graduate Students One-time Monetary Benefit
E4D Scholarships for Developing Countries (Switzerland) Advanced Master Studies and Diploma/Certificate in Advanced Studies Full Scholarship

Fulbright Program has a very competitive application process for scholarship programs. The students would be selected in an open competition based on their ability in academics, community participation, and leadership. The applications are reviewed by the US Embassy and its partner bodies.

Scholarship Points are granted to international students who are currently registered in the US. Students get its application for free. Those chosen for this program are granted $1,000 per month or $10,000 per three months. Students have to become members of their website, where they have to log in to stand an opportunity to get it.

Rotary Peace Fellowships are granted to students who are registered in a one-year program to help them gain experience and practical skills, which they will use to promote peace among their communities globally. Fellows belonging to these scholarship programs need to have concluded their field studies and must participate in a social program that will bring changes for the better in their communities.

There’s Space for Everyone scholarship worth $3,000 is granted in the form of cash to five students who have demonstrated potential in leadership and campaign for inclusivity and equality among ethnic groups, such as LGBTQI, differently-abled, and other communities that have been marginalized.

The E4D Scholarships for Developing Countries program of scholarship is granted to international students hailing from underdeveloped economies. These scholarships will take care of the entire expense of students to live and get educated in the field of engineering in Switzerland.

Scholarship Requirements

Requirements for most of the scholarships, besides the one mentioned above, are as follows

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Credentials
  • Online Application Form
  • Character Certificate
  • Income Tax (IT) Returns
  • Certificate of Income
  • A Valid Passport
  • CV/Resume
  • Account statement from the bank
  • Certificate of Good Health

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