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A student’s brush with IELTS 10 times

Posted on January 3, 2017
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Asri Samsu, an Indonesian, is reported to have taken the IELTS (short for International English Language Testing System) test 10 times before he could score 6.5, which was needed to get admitted into a university in Australia.

IELTS is unequivocally the most accepted test for English proficiency world over.

Australia Plus quotes Asri as telling it that he sat for the IELTS text in order to get a scholarship, without which he could not have realised his dream of studying abroad.

According to him, besides studying hard, reading English newspapers regularly and listening to podcasts and radio programmes in English are the key elements for enabling him to get a good score, which made him eligible for a scholarship.

For Asri, writing was the toughest part while appearing for the test. Since he is a non-native English speaker, he found it difficult convey his thoughts in English.

He felt that the psychological approach with which a person approaches the test was the most crucial aspect.

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