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All that you need to know about the US Student Visa

Posted on June 20, 2019
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Study in USA

It’s time to rejoice for all those students who have been accepted to US Universities as well as Colleges for fall 2019. The next priority for them is to obtain the US Student Visa.

There are several aspects when it comes to submitting an application for the US Study Visa. Here in this blog, we will cover diverse aspects of the US Student Visa.

Overseas students must commence their studies in the US on a Study Visa. Most of them will need the Non-immigrant F-1 Visa. However, there are other categories of US Student Visa as well that are at times approved for those who study in the US.

Below are the different categories of US Study Visas with a short description:

  • Student Visa or F-1 Visa: This is the most common type of US Student Visa for overseas students intending to engage in academic studies in the US. It is for individuals intending to study at an accredited US University or College. This is also for those who intend to study English at a rigorous English language institute or a University.
  • Exchange Visitor or J-1 Visa: This US Study Visa is for individuals who will participate in an Exchange Visitor Program in the US. It is for cultural and educational exchange programs, as quoted by the Telangana Today.
  • Student Visa or M-1 Visa: This US Student Visa is for those who will be engaged in vocational or non-academic training or study at an institution in the US.

The applicant will receive a document I-20 from the institution once they accept the admission offer from the College or University in the US. The following steps must then be followed by the student:

Step # 1: Payment of SEVIS Fee via online

Step # 2: Complete the Visa form or DS -160 on the website. After choosing the nation and region create a user account

Step # 3: Payment of fees for Visa application via cash or mobile phone or NEFT at Citibank or Axis Bank

Step # 4: First schedule an appointment at the VAC – Visa Application Centre for collection of biometrics. Then schedule an appointment at the US Consulate or Embassy for the Visa interview.

In our upcoming blogs, we will continue to discuss diverse other aspects of US Student Visa. This will include SEVIS fees, Visa appointments, and allied processes.

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