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ACT to SAT conversion. How to convert your ACT score to SAT score?

Posted on July 31, 2023
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Why are SAT scores so highly regarded?

  • Accepted by most colleges abroad
  • You qualify for scholarships
  • Get admission into premier global colleges
  • Will get you top job offers
  • Enhances your reputation among classmates

ACT to SAT conversion. How to convert your ACT score to your SAT score?

You have studied for the American College Testing (ACT), and your results have come out. Want to know how you would perform on the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT)? Is it possible to compare SAT scores with ACT scores? You can, in fact, convert ACT scores to SAT.

Will the conversion of scores help?

When you convert the ACT to SAT, you can use it to find out which test you will perform better on. By translating your scores, you can assess your ability and possibility of admission to multiple universities, even if you take one of the exams only. You can find out which test you are suited for by taking both the ACT and SAT practice exams.

Differences between SAT and ACT

Colleges and universities use tests like the ACT and SAT to identify how well you are prepared for education at the college level. When you look at both tests, they seem very similar. Both require about the same timespan for completing the same crucial sections of writing, reading, problem-solving, mathematics, and vocabulary. While you require 3 hours and 50 minutes for the SAT, ACT needs 3 hours and 35 minutes.

All educational institutions in the US accept both the ACT and SAT, as there is not much of a difference between one test and the other. Their similarities notwithstanding, there are a few differences between them which are as follows:

Time allotted for each section

The major distinction is the timespan allotted for each component of the test. In the ACT, you need to answer the questions more quickly; you are allowed extra time in the SAT for each question in all test sections. While certain SAT questions demand reading and problem-solving for extended periods, the ACT consists of more questions than the SAT.

Scoring systems

The scoring systems for the two tests are considerably different too. The ACT offers a score determined on each component’s average on a scale ranging from 1 to 36; the SAT grants scores totaling in the range of 400 to 1600 points.

You could find out which test you perform better on using the score conversion tool of ACT to SAT.

Science and Mathematics components

The science section of ACT has a unique factor. In the ACT, there is one science and one math section, compared to SAT’s two math sections, in which you need a calculator for only one. The ACT’s tests of writing and reading sections are referred to as “English.” In the ACT, larger sections of geometry and trigonometry are used than in the SAT, and calculators are allowed for every exam component. In both exams, there is a lot of focus on Algebra.

A small reference guide is provided in the SAT provides, containing formulas and illustrations for several fundamental mathematical concepts, while the same is not available on the ACT. This could help students who don’t find easy-to-remember formulas. The math score on SAT makes up for about half of the final exam score, while the math part of the ACT accounts only for around 25% of the total test score. Because of this, the SAT cannot be an ideal good reference device.

Questions regarding evidence

The question formats of the two tests also differ significantly from one another. The SAT’s specific reading component’s questions are organized sequentially with the subject they refer to, and the answers here must be backed by evidence. However, none of the ACT section questions need evidence; instead, they are unsystematically placed as per the paragraph they refer to.

Essay component versus optional writing

Both tests have an essay component or optional writing. However, you require a different approach to respond to the question given for each test. The SAT exam gives you writing prompts and expects you to evaluate the subject. However, in the ACT, you will be provided with a prompt seeking your view on the matter.

Conversion chart for ACT to SAT

A few conversions from the ACT to SAT are as follows.

SAT overall score ACT overall score
1450-1480 33
1420-1440 32
1390-1410 31
960-980 18
920-950 17

Universities prefer either of the exams if they state in their admissions requirements that both the SAT and ACT are suitable.

The best way to know which test will display your academic capability more accurately is to sit for both practice exams.

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