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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering [AME]: When the sky is the limit

Posted on July 1, 2019
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Aeronautical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering

Completed your II PUC Science? Now what? A good option for you would be to take up Aeronautical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.

For further enhancing your career prospects after Aeronautical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering, you can opt for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering [AME]. Though neither a diploma nor a degree, the AME is a much sought-after training program. After having successfully completed the course, a license is issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation [DGCA].

DGCA-approved institutes offer a four-year aircraft maintenance engineering license training course. A combined entrance test – AME CET – is conducted for admissions into the various DGCA-approved institutes offering AME. As part of the AME course, two years of academic training will be provided at first, followed by two years of practical training. In the training period, the candidates will not be required to pay any fees and will be given a basic salary instead.

Fees for the AME ranges between INR 3 to 6 lakhs, depending on the Institute selected by the candidate.

After acquiring the AME License by the DGCA, granted after successfully completing the four years’ course, you can work in various areas – Aircraft Manufacturing Companies; Maintenance, Repair and Overhauls (MRO) industries; Airlines; Aircraft Manufacturing Companies; Aircraft Operation Organizations; Aviation Training Centers; Civil Defence Forces; and Flying Clubs.

In short, wherever an aircraft finds a place in the civil sector, you can be assured that there will be a place for you as well. 

With the aviation industry booming in India and new aircraft being routinely added to the airspace, indeed the sky is the limit for anyone with an AME License.

Commercial pilots are in great demand abroad as well. There is a significant shortfall in the number of commercial pilots in Canada. With many retirements looming on the horizon, the shortage is all set to reach a critical stage in the years to come. Armed with an AME License, you can fly high into the very heartland of Canada, figuratively speaking.

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