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All you need to know about an immigrant’s life in Australia

Posted on August 21, 2023
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Why migrate to Australia?

  • A lot of job opportunities
  • High standard of living
  • Highly developed economy
  • World-class healthcare facilities
  • Quality education for children
  • Home to diverse cultures

All you need to know about an immigrant’s life in Australia


Australia has plenty on offer for immigrants who want to relocate to it. The world’s sixth-largest country by area has truly international cities, quality healthcare, several job opportunities, an excellent educational system, and a high quality of life, among others.

Its largest cities, such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, rank among the world’s most sophisticated cities.

Australia offers top-class accommodation to immigrants from across the world in both its largest cities as well as in its hinterland. The cost of living is higher in these large cities, which are home to people belonging to various cultures from across the world. On the other hand, suburbs and smaller towns are much easier on the pocket.

Since it is an English-speaking country with cutting-edge infrastructure, many people from countries in Europe and the United States may get adjusted to its lifestyle more than individuals from other cultures. But even for people from Western countries, there would be cultural peculiarities in Australia that would take time to get used to. Despite that, Australian society is committed to treating all people residing on its shores fairly and equally without any favor or prejudice. For instance, even native English speakers would take time to get used to the local accent and its colloquialisms. Its language may seem informal to a person hailing from the United Kingdom, where people tend to be favoring the traditional way of doing things.

Though it is a large country, its population density is one of the lowest in the world. Owing to this, there are a number of huge open spaces in Australia. The natives of this country are sports fanatics, with Australian football, rugby, soccer, and cricket being its most-followed sporting activities. Australians are outgoing people, with men and women being treated on par in all spheres of life. The same can also be witnessed in its households.

The educational standards in Australia are world-class, which is why it manages to attract many students from all over the world. Australian educational institutions have four terms in a year, with vacations during the months of June to July and December to January.


Most children, including immigrants, attend public schools that the state or federal governments fund. There are many private schools as well where students have to wait for a long time before they get admitted. The tuition fees charged in private schools are also high. The country, also known as the ‘Land Down Under,’ has many faith schools, most of which are run by Catholics and are very affordable.

The country also has a few international schools where the syllabuses of other Western countries like Germany, France, and the UK, among others, are offered for the benefit of expatriates belonging to those countries.


The public healthcare system of Australia is known as Medicare. This government-funded system is regarded as one of the best in the world and offers healthcare facilities free of cost to Australian permanent residents (PRs) and citizens. New immigrants must take medical insurance from one of its several private healthcare providers when they plan to move to Australia to access its benefits. In fact, the federal government of Australia offers immigrants tax incentives when they opt for medical insurance.

Travel in Australia

Australia has world-class highways that connect the capitals of its various states, but the most popular way of traveling within the country is through flights as the distances are massive. Also, many of the domestic airlines offer flights at economical prices.

Immigrants who live in cities do not require a car to get around their cities and towns, but it would be useful to have one if they are traveling across the country. As the railway network within Australia is extensive, people wanting to tour the countryside can travel by rail.

Migrating for work

If you want to migrate to Australia on a work visa, you need to register on the Australian Skill Select website for an Expression of Interest (EOI). In the SkillSelect portal, you must fill out an online form by responding to questions regarding your skill which will be the basis for the visa subclass you must apply for accordingly. There are three work visa categories you can opt for under the SkillSelect program, allowing you to apply for a PR in Australia.

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