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All you need to know about an immigrant’s life in Germany

Posted on August 18, 2023
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What attracts immigrants to Germany? 

  • Europe’s most–developed economy
  • Low expenses for living
  • Affordable education for children
  • Strong healthcare system
  • High quality of life
  • Efficient public transport
  • Travel within Europe without a visa
All you need to know about an immigrant’s life in Germany


Germany is a decent place to live in also for immigrants not belonging to the European Union (EU). It offers a nice quality of life, fine work-life balance, various recreational opportunities, and more.

Yes, the living costs can be on the higher side in its large cities such as Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, and Hamburg, among others. That, however, does not make Europe’s largest economy any less attractive for immigrants to live in.

All the major cities offer top facilities, plenty of options for leisure activities, and house people from various countries globally. To back that, it has one of the best education systems in the world, with world-class universities, where education is offered at very affordable rates. Furthermore, its universities focus strongly on research to offer lot of practical courses.

Healthcare for the public is generously funded and is available to all people in Germany, irrespective of their earnings. Germany makes it compulsory for all people living in the country to take health insurance.

The crime rate in this West European country is low when compared to its other counterparts in the continent. As the country’s political system is stable, it is among the least violent countries in the world.

Work-life in Germany

Work conditions in Germany attract immigrants in large numbers. The country’s most profitable sectors include banking, pharmacy, automobiles, and electronic products, among others.

Because of the country’s flourishing economy, Germany is home to many renowned companies in the world. They include BMW, Volkswagen, Adidas, Siemens, Bosch, etc. These companies offer jobs to many foreign nationals even if they are not proficient in German language. The minimum wage offered to German workers is €68 per day, which is higher than that of most advanced economies.

Germany encourages entrepreneurs by incentivizing them. The taxes they have to pay is lower than in most countries, which is why Germany has a high percentage of self-employed people. Moreover, one can float a business easily without having to go through irritating bureaucratic hassles.

The average yearly salary in Germany is about €45,260. It is considerably on the higher side, and when you factor in the healthcare and education benefits the government provides, it is among the top ten in the world.

Social life in Germany

Germany has in place an efficient public transport system, which includes buses, trains, and subways. People of the country, which is known as Deutschland in German, can travel conveniently from one place to another in the country even if they don’t own a private vehicle.

Moderate climate prevails in Germany, suiting people who are not comfortable with extreme temperatures.

Though immigrants in Germany don’t need to learn the local language as English is widely spoken, it would be better to learn German as it would help them adjust to the county.

Language courses in German are offered within the country, which immigrants can enroll in. If they have enough German friends, they can learn the country’s native language much faster.

The Federal Republic of Germany has 16 states, with each having its own political system. With a solid social market economy, the country offers several services to its citizens to mitigate income disparity. Germany also has various laws in place to prevent discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation.

The government of Germany grants paid maternity leave of one year and protects the employment rights of new mothers. To help new mothers, the country has set up daycare centers across the country.

The history and culture of Germany is rich. It is home to many world-famous heritage sites, museums, theatres, etc. Its cuisine is also renowned, with beer being one of Germany’s most popular drinks. German-made beer is also renowned the world over.

Germany is also famous for its natural beauty, as 13% of the country’s land comprises forests. There are also a lot of lakes in Germany where its natives swim or boat.

Immigrants who intend to work in Germany should know that the country appreciates its people’s personal lives. This country’s work-life balance ensures foreign nationals have enough leisure time. They can work flexibly and devote more time to their families.

Immigrants should also be aware that Germans follow the rules strictly wherever they go. They don’t tolerate jaywalking. They also have quiet hours, known as Ruhezeits, during which people should avoid making loud noises, including hammering, playing loud music, using vacuum cleaners or water pumps, etc.

If anyone indulges in the above-mentioned activities, they can be reported to the police.

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