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American tech behemoths feel let down by Trump’s decision to annul DACA program

Posted on September 9, 2017
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Tech behemoths such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook and others have all denounced the Trump administration’s decision to repeal the DACA program that puts at risk 800,000 undocumented immigrants in danger of being deported.

Xinhua news agency quoted Jeff Sessions, US Attorney General, announcing on 2 August that the DACA program, which was made effective by the Obama administration, was being withdrawn.

While Microsoft and Apple came to the defence of the ‘Dreamers’, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, was quoted by Indo-Asian News Service as saying that it was a sad day for their nation. Sunder Pichai, Google CEO, on the other hand, urged the Congress to act immediately.

ReCode quoted Tim Cook, Apple CEO, as saying that he was pleading on behalf of hundreds of his company’s employees whose futures were in peril along with their peers and millions more across the US to the leaders in Washington to protect the futures of the Dreamers.

Brad Smith, Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer, said that the company was very disappointed with this decision of the administration, which they believed was a big set back for America.

Smith, speaking on the behalf of the 39 Dreamers who were employed at Microsoft, said in a blog post soon after the decision was announced that their company would exercise their legal rights appropriately to bail out their employees if the Congress failed to act.

Endorsing Microsoft’s comments, Pichai tweeted that Dreamers were their neighbours, their friends and their co-workers.

Pichai added that it was not at all fair to offer the American Dream to young people and then go back on it. Other tech majors, including Tesla, AT&T, Amazon, Uber and many other companies, joined Facebook in a letter from, a Zuckerberg created a political group, to extend support to DACA and the Dreamers.

Meanwhile, companies like Oracle and Intel did not comment on this issue, said ReCode.

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