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What is the average GRE score across top 10 US Universities?

Posted on November 17, 2018
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Every student aspiring to migrate abroad for Overseas Education aims for the top US Universities. To achieve the same, they need to focus on getting the required GRE scores. However, students often wonder how much they should score to get into one of the top US Universities.

As reported by The Hindu, US colleges do not provide with minimum cutoff marks required for admission. Nevertheless, they do publish average marks for every academic year. This list is helpful for students to decide how much they should score in GRE.

Let’s have a look at the average GRE score across top 10 US Universities.

Rank University name Verbal Writing Quantitative
1 Stanford University 159 4.8 158
2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 158 5.2 159
3 California Institute of Technology 160 5.0 157
4 University of Chicago 158 4.0 167
5 Johns Hopkins University 163 4.8 164
6 Pennsylvania State University 150 3.0 165
7 University of California, Berkeley 154 – 156 4.5 167
8 University of California, Los Angeles 155 5.0 167
9 Duke University 160 4.5 160
10 University of Michigan – Ann Arbor 160 5.0 167

Important points to remember

  • Most of the Universities do not have minimum GRE scores across all sections
  • Candidate profile is assessed based on undergraduate grades, statement of purpose, recommendation letters, work experience and awards of earned
  • Average GRE score of the US Universities varies from subject to subject. Candidates should check the subject and department requirement beforehand
  • Many Universities do not have any mandatory score requirement for Verbal section of GRE. This is especially applicable for MS
  • A few universities in the US do not even require GRE score for MS programs. In case the candidate has a low GRE score, they can apply to such Universities

Candidates aiming for the above top 10 US Universities should try to score well in all four sections of GRE. Some Universities may not focus on all four sections, but the score would eventually help them secure a good place in their dream University.

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