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Benefits of Canadian citizenship

Posted on August 11, 2020
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Canadian citizenship

Compared to other western nations, Canada offers the maximum number of citizenships to its immigrants. This is good news for those who wish to migrate to Canada and wish to permanently stay there as citizens. The government grants more citizenships recognizing the contribution of immigrants to its economic development.

Canada offers citizenship to its immigrants either through birth or a process called naturalization or by birth. Those who wish to become Canadian citizens by naturalization must meet certain eligibility requirements which include the following:

  • Applicants must have stayed as a permanent resident for 1095 days as a permanent resident in the five years before the date of filing the citizenship application. This need not be a continuous stay.
  • Every day spent by applicants as a temporary resident is counted as half a day before they become permanent residents.
  • This is taken on account when calculating the number of days spent in the country to qualify for citizenship.
  • Applicants must have paid the income tax under the Income-tax act for a minimum of three years out of the five years as a permanent resident.
  • They must have good language skills and prove that they can speak English or French fluently.
  • They should not have a criminal record considered prohibitive for granting Canadian citizenship
  • They must pass a test to prove that they are aware of citizens’ rights and responsibilities, and have a basic knowledge of geography, political system, and history of Canada.

If you are applying for citizenship, then you must submit documents to the government that proves that you meet the eligibility criteria.

Citizenship process

The authorities will call you for the Canadian citizenship test within four weeks after your application has been processed.

On the day of the test you will have an interview with a citizenship official.

When you have passed the interview and the test, the decision on your citizenship is made by an official. When your application is accepted, you’ll be given a date to attend the ceremony for Canadian citizenship. This usually occurs 3 months after the decision on the application is made.

Benefits of getting a Canadian citizenship

Citizenship gives access to certain rights such as the right to vote, run for political office and better employment opportunities.

Canadian citizenship gives you the right to vote in federal, provincial and municipal elections. You can also run for election or apply for high-security jobs such as federal jobs.

Canadian legislation provides for dual or multiple citizenship. In other words, once a person becomes a Canadian citizen, they don’t have to choose between their new citizenship and that of their home country.

Children born in Canada to Canadian citizens become the country’s citizens without having to apply for it.

Canadian citizens have a passport that makes it easier for them to travel to several countries without a visa, or obtain visas if required. A passport also reduces the chance of running into trouble while entering Canada.

The Canadian government grants citizenship to most of the immigrants who qualify for it. This is an acknowledgement of the fact that the country depends on immigrants for its economic growth. On the flipside, immigrants who gain citizenship get access to better job opportunities and higher pay. So, it’s a win-win for both sides.

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