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Which is the best city to study abroad?

Posted on November 6, 2019
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Study Abroad

Study abroad is all about the right decisions. From selecting the right course to shortlisting the most suitable universities, there are many decisions to make along the way.

The city will also play a crucial role when you decide that you want to study abroad.

London has retained the top spot in 2019 QS Best Student Cities Rankings this year as well.

What are the criteria for QS Best Student Cities Rankings?

The QS Best Student Cities Rankings list the best among the various international cities for study overseas.

The factors that are taken into consideration include –

  • Affordability
  • Composition of students
  • Employer activity
  • Desirability
  • Perception among students
  • The performance of the universities based in the city [as per QS World University Rankings]

While London took the top spot, it was followed by Tokyo, Melbourne, Munich, and Berlin. 

2019 QS Best Student Cities Rankings – Top 10

Rank City 
1 London
2 Tokyo
3 Melbourne
4 Munich
5 Berlin
6 Montreal
7 Paris
8 Zurich
9 Sydney
10 Seoul

Incidentally, there is a slight variance in the Top 5 cities for study abroad from the rankings in 2018. While in 2018, Montreal was at the 4th spot and Paris at the 5th spot; in 2019, they have been displaced by Munich and Berlin respectively.

Moreover, as per the QS International Student Survey 2019 (ISS 2019 Global) – the world’s largest survey of 75,000 pre-enrollment international students – there can be seen the following:

  • 81% looked for a city that could be considered welcoming and safe for global students.
  • 62% looked at the cost of living in the city under consideration.
  • 61% looked for a city that had universities with a high quality of teaching.
  • 59% looked for a city wherein they could work while they studied.

When it comes to city selection, there are many factors that determine the predisposition of a student towards a particular city as against the rest.

Nevertheless, it sure helps if the city under consideration has a spot among the Top 10 in 2019 QS Best Student Cities Rankings as well.

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