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Best Countries for Overseas Studies In 2018

Posted on July 9, 2018
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Germany, UK and France

In the era of globalization, international students have an ardent desire to obtain the best education in the world-class universities armed with quality teaching and innovative technology. But finding a suitable one apt to their educational discipline and preferences poses a huge challenge to them. So here are some countries where students can explore various opportunities to fulfill their ambitions:

1. Germany: Germany is one of the most popular countries preferred by engineering graduates across the globe for higher studies. Vocational education and training (VET) is emphasized to produce a workforce that can take up the skilled profession. In the VET, students get to learn theory along with Practical aspects to pursue the occupation of their choice later.

Over the years, the country has witnessed a sharp rise in Indian students due to the popularity of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) courses.

Apart from these, low tuition fees, scholarship programs, specialized courses in English for international students’ especially engineering graduate make Germany a destination for aspiring technical graduates.

2. United Kingdom: United Kingdom (UK), a country well known for recognized universities with challenging environment offers students a blend vocational and academic course of their choice. It stands ahead among other countries in the context of quality research and publication of highly-cited articles. The country is home to English wherein students drop-in to enhance their linguistic skills and settle in best MNC’s. University of Oxford and Cambridge are most sought among the students due to their international standards and tutorial teaching.

The students also get the chance to take up part-time jobs, internships or placement during the vacation in order to equip themselves with the valuable skills adding value to their CV. The student can opt for master’s program in combination with a PhD saving the additional year, tuition fee and other accommodation costs. Indian students, who enrol for full-time courses are entitled to free medical treatment by National Health Services.

3. France: France also known as a financial hub of Europe is emerging as the best country for financial studies. The country has one of the finest universities for pursuing post- graduation in finance like EDHEC business school which train students in the financial market, corporate finance along with 3-6 months internship so that they can get placed at world’s top financial companies.

The student also gets a chance to secure a job interview with reputed financial institutions, European banks, and Multinationals like Capgemini, Unilever and JP Morgan. International students are entitled to housing benefits and large-proportioned medical expense (70%) is reimbursed by the government if applied for carte Vitale. So those who want to pursue post-graduate studies in finance abroad would find France apt for them.

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