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Best countries to migrate post-COVID

Posted on April 23, 2022
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Best countries to migrate post covid

There are many economies that are affected by the companies. Now the major economies are trying to recover from the pandemic. There is a sudden demand for the skilled workers all around the world. IN this article, we will discuss about the countries where immigrants can migrate post-COVID.


Canada is a country whose population is aging. In spite of the fact that there is a global recession, Canada is still inviting the immigrants to Canada. The country is inviting the candidates through Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program draw to work in Canada.

In the quarter 4, Canada wants to fill about a million job positions. Canada is considered as one of the happiest countries in the world. The country has been ranked among the safest places in the world. Canada has the record of largest immigration in the world.

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Individuals have the option of relocating to the country within six months. Canada has the target of inviting 432,000 candidates in 2022. It also has the target of inviting 1.3 million candidates by 2024. Students will get the education of high quality. Canada is also popular for its universal healthcare. Another benefit of migrating to Canada is the stable economy.


Australia has closed its borders for two years due to COVID-19, and now its borders are fully opened. The country is now inviting skilled workers to work in Australia. This will help in increasing the productivity and boosting the economy. In this quarter, there are 5 lakhs positions opened in Australia.

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The society of the country is multicultural, and it has also been ranked as a safest place to live. There is no language barrier. Australia has plans to invite two lakhs immigrants in 2022. In eight months, 90 percent of the applications have been processed. The healthcare system of the country is excellent. The education is free and the quality of life is high.

United Kingdom

It has been estimated that the UK has surpassed the pre-COVID levels. The growth of the country is strong as there are more than one million jobs available in the country. The country is now inviting immigrants from different countries to fill up these job vacancies and work in UK.

The UK is a developed country and a high quality of life is provided by the country. The average salary for all the job vacancies is 25,600. There is an expectation of getting six lakhs applications in 2022. Spouses will also be able to work in UK and make their earnings.

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Education for the children will be free, and the health care facilities will also be provided to the immigrants. The living standard of the country is very high. Another benefit is that the processing of visas is quick.


Germany has made up strong plans to recover from the COVID effect and make the country strong for the future. Germany has many occupational fields and many skilled workers are needed to fill the positions in these fields. It has been estimated that around one million vacancies have to be filled in 2022.

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The economy of Germany in Europe is the largest one. The quality of life is very high as the welfare system is excellent. There is a high demand for the skilled workers in the country. Germany has plans to invite 4 lakhs applicants this year.

Candidates do not have to take the IELTS test nor they have to learn German. The policies have been relaxed so that vacant positions can be filled easily. The higher education for the children is free.

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