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Best tips for you to ace PTE listening tasks

Posted on July 25, 2020
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PTE Coaching

PTE exam is a Pearson Language Test that gauges the proficiency of a non-native English speaker in using English. This test is especially important for Asian candidates who are trying to migrate overseas. For them, proving their skill in using English effectively in many aspects is important to access the opportunities they are aiming for in English-speaking countries.

As part of PTE preparation, you will have to train yourself for the listening task. If you want to score high in the listening task, we have some tips that you can use. But let us remind you that your efforts and constant practice are still what will help you ace the test. There are no shortcuts for that.

Learn how to summarize spoken text

This is a task that lasts 10 minutes at the most. You are required to write a summary of a short lecture you get to listen to. For this, you will have to take notes and have all the important points taken.

While listening to the 60-90 minutes lecture you are supposed to write down all keywords which may be phrases, verbs, or nouns. Also, write down a brief of the main ideas. Or else, if you may, you could write verbatim what the speaker says and put it into a paraphrase later.

A key trick to follow is that during the lecture, you must start taking down points even before you may make any sense of what is spoken.

Answer multiple-choice questions with multiple answers

A passage is given on which a question is asked with multiple answers to choose the correct one. While going through the passage, it will be helpful to note some specific information like numbers, events, facts, and names and their connections.

Then it becomes easier to find the right answers to the question asked.

The right way to do fill in the blanks question

The sure shot way to ace the fill in the blanks test is to widen your vocabulary. After all, the test is to find out your ability to fill the right word in a context given in a sentence. With more words that you know, you will not be wondering what the speaker just said and will be able to attend to this task faster.

Learn to highlight correct summary

Here you are required to listen to a text for 60 to 90 seconds. Then you must choose the correct summary from a list of options given.

To do this right, you must read each word in every option. This is because no matter how similar the option looks to the correct one, even a small change of words can change the meaning of the option totally.

Answer multiple-choice questions with a single answer

This one is a similar task to choosing multiple answers from multiple choices, only that the right choice is just one. The best way to attend to this task is to eliminate the wrong ones progressively to reach the correct one.

Do it right to find the missing word

In this task, you must identify a theme, topic, or main idea from a conclusion from what a speaker says. At the end of the recording, you hear a beep that will have concealed a word or group of words that you will have to find out from the choices given.

While attending to this task, try to understand the meaning of the passage so that you will understand what will have to replace the beep in the audio. For this task, you either know or don’t know the answer.

Get the knack of highlighting incorrect words

In this task, you will hear a recording. Then you will read a transcript of the recording. This transcript will be different from what the speaker says. All you have to do is to click on the words in the transcript that differ from the original content you heard.

Since there is negative marking involved, be completely sure before you click the word. Guesswork could end up with you losing points.

Practice to write from dictation

Again, this is a test of your vocabulary. You have to follow an oral sequencing of the information and use the right spelling.

Either write down the sentence on an erasable pad or if you are deft enough, type it directly on the screen while listening. But the bottom line is to work accurately and quickly.

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