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Building an International Resume: Tailoring your CV for Global Job Applications

Posted on July 31, 2023
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Why tailor your CV?

  • Showcase your skills for the job
  • List achievements related to the job abroad
  • Shows your awareness of the employer’s needs
  • Focus on global experience
  • Customize your CV to the job description
  • Fine-tune your objective as per the job

Building an International Resume: Tailoring your CV for Global Job Applications

Hiring specialists have scan hundreds of CVs just for one job. It means you must prepare a resume with the most relevant details. The candidates, therefore, have to tailor their resumes to suit the job description advertised by an employer. The best one can do is to present the most applicable qualifications by making use of the keywords.

Tailoring a resume – what it means

When an employer posts an overseas job, it will list the required qualifications and responsibilities. You need to use the keywords of the qualifications and use them all over your resume to demonstrate that you justify the role. A tailored CV proves to prospective employers that you are equipped with the skills they are on the lookout for and that you have made use of them to get the best possible results at work.

Benefits of customizing your CV

When you provide a customized CV, your profile becomes distinct and enhances your opportunity of getting an interview because of the following reasons.

Shows you are an ideal fit for the job

When they scan resumes, recruiters are most bothered about how suitable you are for the job advertised. If you focus on your most applicable experiences and abilities, you show that you have a distinguished record of executing similar assignments.

Reveals your interest in the job

By tailoring your resume, you can show your sincere interest in the job as you took additional efforts to see to it that it reveals your qualifications as the ideal fit. Recruiters will surely notice that you went out of your way and will get more enthused about an individual who is keen to work with them.

Focuses on the employer’s requirements

Acquisition managers are eager to see how an applicant would focus on their organization’s objectives. When you focus on your most relevant skills and achievements, it sends them a message that you are keen on fulfilling their requirements and not just how the job is important to you.

Clears applicant tracking methods

Many recruitment specialists now use these techniques to sort out resumes by means of keywords given in the job role. Tailoring your CV by making use of the job role will increase the chances of your resume being shortlisted.

How to tailor your resume

To tailor your resume effectively, you may follow the steps given below to create a more appealing resume by customizing it to job roles:

Analyze the job requirements

To begin with, you have to realize what exactly the employer is looking for and the credentials that are needed to discharge the duties. Go through the job description and make a note of all important keywords linked to skills. They could be words or phrases that appear exclusive to the job and may reappear through the post.

Note the particular requirements, including the educational qualifications required and the length of the work experience. Look also at the order of the listed tasks because they may be in the order of the employer’s preference. You need to pay attention to the priorities of the employer when you arrange your resume.

Revise your resume

Once you realize what the employer is looking out for in candidates, you can revise the resume to begin by modifying it to their requirements. Position your crucial qualifications at the beginning of the page and highlight your synopsis and experience so that the recruitment manager finds you suitable for the position. Use the format that you find most appealing and arrange them in reverse-chronologically.

Refine your summary

As your resume begins with the summary piece, it will be the first thing a recruiting specialist will notice. In this part, highlight your skills and accomplishments that are most relevant as per the keywords you focused on. Do not forget to mention the title of the position you are applying for, as this is a tailored resume.

Customize your job history

The next most noticeable part of your resume should be your job history, as it will inform the recruiter about your relevant experience.

The lists should be bulleted per each position and use the job description’s keywords. Preparing your resume in such a way will tell the hiring manager that you will perform the job with the required abilities and experience. The bullet points on the top should show the most applicable tasks.

Mention measurable effects

To cement your position as one of the most eligible candidates:

  • Include data that is measurable in your experience segment.
  • Let them know how you have made an impact in your previous stints.
  • If possible, highlight them in the bulleted list.

Revise your skills segment

Update your synopsis and prior experience. Later, add other appropriate skills that will add value to the position.

Review your resume

In addition to ensuring that your resume is free from grammatical and spelling errors, look again to see if you have employed the keywords that the employer had used. Go through all the sections once again.

Finally, ask a peer or a friend to go through it for feedback.

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