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Time ripe for business migrants to move to Australia

Posted on June 3, 2016
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Business Immigrants

As investment worth billions of dollars pour into health, infrastructure, housing, finance, IT and other sectors in Australia, it is now one of the most attractive and investment-friendly countries of the developed nations of the world.

Darrell Todd, Thinking Australia’s founder, said that UK firms and entrepreneurs seeking new opportunities should consider migrating to Australia as it would be advantageous for them to be working in a culture similar to theirs, including language, rules and practices. He assured them more success and a better quality of lifestyle than in the UK.

The capital city, Canberra, which is the hub of the country, is at a distance of only two hours from Sydney and an hour and a half from the beaches. The number of business start-ups is said to have reached record levels there.

Simon Kinsmore of the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) Government said that Canberra was a knowledge-based city. Presently, there is demand in sectors such as IT services, financial services and healthcare, among others. For all these to flourish in Canberra, skills in business and management are crucial. According to Simon, professionals could earn more in Canberra. Meanwhile, Western Australia is also said to have witnessed growth driven by an infrastructure spending of more than A$250 billion.

On the other hand, the Australian SBDC (Small Business Development Corporation) is offering an array of free services to help business migration, which includes in their ambit tax registration, market information and demographics, licences and employment and standards regulation. Organisations involved in research and development would get tax cuts along with other incentives.

In addition, each state government sponsors business migrants with a range of incentives.

Business entrepreneurs from India seeking greener pastures could consider shifting to Australia with so many benefits being offered there. We, at Y-Axis, have experts who will help you narrow down your search as per your choices in Australia.

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