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Can I move to Germany without a job in 2022?

Posted on November 18, 2021
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move to Germany without a job

Is it possible to move to Germany without a job in 2022? If this is the question on the top of your mind as you consider German migration, the answer is a yes. It is possible to migrate to Germany without having a job offer from a German employer.

There are specific options available to individuals to move to Germany without a job in 2022.

Option 1: Get a German Job seeker visa

If you do not have a job but wish to move to Germany, you can do so with a Job Seeker visa.

German Job Seeker Visa has a validity of six months. Within this period, you must look for a job in Germany. However, you cannot work while in Germany on a Job Seeker Visa and can use the visa to search for a job.

Eligibility requirements for a Job Seeker visa

  • Minimum five years of work experience in a job related to your area of study
  • Proof that you have 15 years of regular education
  • Evidence that you have enough funds for a six-month stay in Germany
  • Evidence that you have accommodation for the six months you will be in the country

If you find a job in Germany before the end of the six months, you will be issued a German work permit or German work visa, allowing you to stay in the country and work.

On the other hand, if you do not have an employment offer by the end of six months, you will be obliged to leave the country.

To increase your chances of getting a job at the end of six months, you can do some groundwork even before you land in Germany by contacting potential employers in Germany or sending in job applications before landing in the country. This will help you make optimum use of the six-month window you have to search for a job.

You can devise a better strategy for your job search in Germany with a German Job Seeker visa consultant.

Check your eligibility for the Germany Job seeker visa

Option 2 Start your own business

If you are looking at starting your business in Germany, you need to apply for a residence permit and permission to start your business.

Before approving your visa, the authorities will check the feasibility of your business idea, review your business plan and your previous experience in the business.

They will check if you have the capital to start your business and if your company has the potential to meet economic or regional needs in Germany. And your business should be beneficial to the German economy.

To start a business in Germany, you should first consider the options available for foreign nationals.

You can start as a sole trader (Einzelunternehmer), for this, you will need a license or a Gewerbeschein from the local authority, which can cost between 10 to 60 Euros, depending on the city or municipality where you want to register your business.

Another option is to apply for a free trades (Freie Berufe) license to work as a self-employed professional if you are a doctor, artist, engineer, architect, or consultant.

Option 3- Get a student visa to learn the German language

Proficiency in the German language can be your ticket to better job opportunities in the country. What better way to do this than to learn the language in Germany itself. The German language course visa allows you to live in Germany and learn the language.

This German study visa is for learning the German language while living in Germany. This visa allows you to complete an intensive language course between 3 to 12 months in duration.

While you are in Germany on this visa, you can do a part-time job. You must return to your home once this visa expires unless you can get a residence permit or the EU Blue Card to stay in Germany.

Another option is to apply for a job seeker visa before the student visa expires or turn into a freelancer.

Ways to move to Germany without a job

Job Seeker Visa

Start your own business

Take a German language course

Choose to be a freelancer

Option 4- Freelancing

You can consider the option of freelancing based on your area of expertise. If you are confident in your skills and expertise, you can consider freelancing in web development, translation, copywriting, content editing, graphic design, social media marketing, or photography.

Freelancing is a good option if you are single, young, and don’t need German social security.

To know more about moving to Germany without a job in 2022, get in touch with a German immigration consultant today.

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