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Can low tuition fee attract more Overseas Students to Switzerland?

Posted on August 24, 2018
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Overseas Students to Switzerland

The USA and the UK are amongst the favorites of Overseas Students when it comes to destinations for higher education. Can Switzerland with its public funded Universities and low tuition fee give them competition?

International students need to pay a steeper fee in the USA as compared to the domestic ones. As per, an international Engineering student would need to shell out approximately $31,000 for the course. Add to it expenses like food, books, travel, and living cost and the sum would swell up to $45,000. On the other hand, a local resident would only spend $24,000 for the same course.

Studying in the UK too is also a costly affair. For domestic students, undergraduate degrees would cost approximately £9,250 regardless of the subject chosen. Whereas an overseas student may end up spending up to £34,000 depending on the course they choose to study.

Switzerland, on the other hand, has relatively low tuition fee. This is because Swiss Universities are amply supported by the Swiss Government and the fee for locals is low. Most Universities have the same fee structure for both local as well as international students. Some Universities may charge marginally higher than the domestic students.

On an average, the yearly tuition fee for international students in Switzerland may range between £650 and £1000, with few exceptions. International students may also avail scholarships offered by the Swiss Government. Scholarships mostly are granted to researchers and postgraduate students. Overseas students may also avail grants offered by many Swiss Universities.

The cost of living is high in Switzerland. However, subsidized accommodations for students are available on-campus. It is also common for students to rent private flats. It may cost up to £545 monthly for a room in a shared apartment.

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