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Immigrants to Canada better educated, more well off than their US counterparts

Posted on August 8, 2017
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Canadian Immigrants are better educated, younger and more well-to-do than the new entrants arriving in the United States every year, reveal statistics of immigration agencies of both the countries.

Even a 2015 report by the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) revealed that the Canadian residents who were born overseas were well ahead of their American counterparts on social and economic parameters.

It is said that US Immigrants were less likely to be wealthy and five times more likely to be residing in overcrowded habitations. In addition, American immigrants were less likely to speak their adopted country’s official language at home and less qualified to obtain citizenship even after having lived in their new home for at least 10 years.

James Carafano, a Heritage Foundation scholar, said Canada is partially more protective about its social welfare programs, which are far more generous, by having in place an immigration system that is more discerning about who they allow into their country.

According to LifeZette, 53.7 percent of Immigrants of Canada were aged between 25 and 44, in the prime of their working life. On the other hand, American immigrants were two times as likely to be in the age group between 45 and 64 owing to its family reunification policies.

It is also said that Canada monitors strictly as to who can obtain permanent residency, while the system in the gives immigrants the opportunity to sponsor their relatives to relocate to America, irrespective of their education and skills.

The DHS (Department of Homeland Security) reveals that in 2015, while only 13.7 percent of immigrants to the US entered it because of their skills and education to fill its skills shortage, 62.7 percent of Canadian immigrants were admitted because of their abilities or education.

While immigrants sponsored by families comprised 24.1 percent of Canada’s total migrant population, the relatives and extended family members of the nationals of the US accounted for 64.6 percent of all the US immigrants in 2015.

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