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Canada Investor Immigration – Current Status and path ahead

Posted on July 27, 2018
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Canada Investor Immigration - Current Status and path ahead

Canada has always encouraged and promoted Investor Immigration. It is a nation that values the hard work of Entrepreneurs, Talents, and Businesspeople. Canada has accepted a large volume of Immigrant Investors through the Immigrant Investor Program. These were offered Canada PR for investing a specific amount of funds in the nation. IIP was however closed in 2014, as quoted by the CIC News.

Current status of Investor Immigration:

As of now, Canada welcomes around 5,000 to 7,000 fresh immigrants via pathways for Business Immigration. The vast majority of these or 80% arrive through the programs offered by the Quebec province. Though the national Investor Program was closed in 2014, Quebec continues to accept Canada Investor Immigration through its investor program.

The Federal immigration authorities are yet to launch a new Canada Investor Immigration Program. Nevertheless, the provinces in Canada continue to cater to this class of overseas immigrants.

Quebec Investor Program:

Currently, QIP is the best route for those who wish to opt for Canada Investor Immigration.

Business Immigration Pathways:

The Federal Startup Visa program is the latest pathway for innovative overseas entrepreneurs. These are expected to possess the skills required for the growth of businesses in Canada.

A range of Entrepreneurial Immigration Programs is also offered by Canada. Most of these are through the Provincial Nominee Programs that are offered provincially.

The path ahead for Investor Immigration:

Canada evidently values the contributions made by immigrant entrepreneurs and investors. It is under the process of formulating a new Investor Immigration Program at the federal level. However, there are several immigration pathways even now for those who possess the right business experience and financial background.

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