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Things you must know about Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Posted on February 6, 2019
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Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Canada Permanent Resident Visa is offered to Overseas Immigrants after they have met the criteria set by the respective Government. It is mostly applicable when the visa holder travels outside Canada. To re-enter the country, the Permanent Resident Visa is a must.

The country’s flexible immigration policies, career opportunities, and democratic values lure thousands of Overseas Immigrants to apply for the Canada Permanent Resident Visa. The programs that enable Immigrants to apply for the same are –

  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Skilled Immigrants Program
  • Quebec Skilled Workers Program
  • Sponsorship Program

Provincial Nominee Program: 

This program is for Overseas Immigrants who have received a nomination from one of the provinces in Canada. The process comprises below steps –

  • Immigrants must apply to the province where they want to live
  • The application will be reviewed based on province-specific criteria and whether the candidate really wants to live in that territory
  • Once nomination certificate is received, the candidate must apply to Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)
  • IRCC officers will review the application
  • Passing a medical exam and police verification check is mandatory
  • Once approved, the candidate will receive Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Skilled Immigrants Program:

This is the most popular pathway to attain Canada Permanent Resident Visa, as quoted by The  Hindu. Overseas Immigrants are assessed based on the following factors –

  • Education
  • Age
  • Work experience
  • English/ French language skills

The Express Entry System enables skilled Immigrants to apply for the Canada Permanent Resident Visa. Candidates need to do the following in order to apply for this program:

  • Fill the online profile form
  • Provide the language test score
  • Provide Educational credential assessment
  • Provide proof of work experience

It takes six months or less to process the application under the Express Entry System.

Quebec Skilled Workers Program:

The province of Quebec has an agreement with the Canadian Government as per its skill requirement for the economy. Candidates must apply for a certificate of selection. Once approved, they should apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa to IRCC. Medical exam and Police Verification are mandatory.

Sponsorship program: 

Immigrants, who are at least 18 years old and are Permanent Residents of Canada, can sponsor certain relatives. However, the below criteria must be met –

  • Relative should be their dependent child
  • Their spouse
  • Common law partner

The benefits of Canada Permanent Resident Visa: 

Immigrants get the following benefits when they attain Permanent Residency in Canada –

  • They can apply for Canadian Citizenship
  • They can avail of health care and other social benefits
  • They can live, work or study anywhere in Canada

Mandatory documents for Canada Permanent Resident Visa:

Candidates must present below documents as part of the application process –

  • Proof that they possess enough fund
  • Educational credential assessment
  • Language test results
  • Educational certificates
  • Personal identification documents
  • Skills assessment tests

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