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Canada to face tough competition as Australia, UK & UAE join the global battle for migrants

Posted on May 6, 2022
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Canada to face tough competition as Australia, UK & UAE join the global battle for migrants


For the past five years, Canada was the only country to get more immigrants from worldwide with numerous pathways, attractive job market and high quality education. As the pandemic gets weakened and relaxations from covid restrictions have made many more countries to alter the immigration policies to pull the immigrants attention to their destinations.

The pandemic has affected very badly on each and every country’s global economy, so each country is putting forward some attempts to attract the global talent to their country who can be an asset to their labor market and also to the country’s individual economy.

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Canada replaces as “The new hub for study and work”

The United States was always one of the favourite place for study and work for students, many programmers and IT software employees respectively. During the pandemic, and also due to many political reasons, US have restricted the entry for the immigrants. Canada has taken this step as an opportunity to attract the immigrants with a high boom job market, affordable education and many pathways to enter the country.

According to the recent statistics of Canada, around one lakh Indians have become permanent residents of Canada. This is a new historical page for Canada, it also admits of having 405,000 new immigrants in the country.

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For last few months Canada has become a hub for students and a global hub for employees to work.

Canada eased and simplified immigration routes for students using Post Graduation work permit Program (PGWP).

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Sean Fraser, the Canadian Immigration Minister statement

In the month of April, the Canadian Immigration minister Sean Fraser stated that “International graduated are provided with a temporary policy with an opportunity to extend their stay at a limited period. This will help the students to acquire work experience which will give a better probability to obtain permanent residence”.

As the world slowly gets relaxation from the covid restrictions, many countries have started to update and upgrade the immigration policies to attract immigrants to study, to settle down, to work in their industries and also set up businesses.

Now Canada is facing tough competition from other countries like Australia and UK mostly in the post graduate stream of job opportunities.
In next few months more and more countries will follow this route by offering citizenship opportunities with simplified process.

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Revamping of the countries Australia and the UK policies

The Australia

Australia has initiated a new work visa for graduating students. The international students with the new policy can work along with their studies.

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Cities in Australia Undergraduate students Masters students Doctoral students
Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane Can work for 2 years Can work for 3 years Can work for 4 years
Perth, Adelaide and Canberra Can extend for 2 more years depending on the location and study Can extend for 2 more years depending on the location and study Can extend for 2 more years depending on the location and study

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The United Kingdom:

The United Kingdom initiated the new visa with name Post-study Graduate route in the year 2021. This visa allows the qualified graduates to stay in the UK after their studies for 3 years. A new High potential individual (HPI) is about to launch by the United Kingdom government in the May month.

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This visa is for attracting top skilled foreign graduates, who are given an opportunity to stay and work for 2-3 years depending on their graduation level. Possessing this HPI visa, applicant do not need any job offer or any sponsorship from the authorities. And also these applicants are set free to work or to volunteer or can become a self-employed also.

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Middle East

Middle East countries like Saudi and UAE have entered the competition in attracting international students to study abroad. Dubai is known for containing the American and British universities. Here the international students can take an advantage of minimizing their cost of studies or for less costs they can finish their courses in comparison to the US and the UK campuses.

The UK and the US campuses are costlier when compared to their hubs present in Middle East universities. The low taxes also attracts once you start working.

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