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Complete Canada Visa Application Package

Posted on March 10, 2018
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Complete Canada Visa Application

A complete Canada Visa Application Package is the one that has:

  • Answers to all the questions in the Canada Visa application form
  • Attached to it all the essential documents along with the application

Your visa application for Canada may be returned to you if you forget to submit a document. It can also delay the application processing or may even result in denial of the application, as quoted by the Canada CA.

You must answer all the questions in the online application form. If a visa application or answer is incomplete, it may be refused by the IRCC authorities. In case you do not possess a reply to a question and even the form or Instruction guide has no instructions, write NA – Not applicable in the blank space. In case you do not possess the unique client identifier, leave the space blank.

Below are the necessary documents that are required for a Canada Visa Application:

  • Identity proof
  • An authentic travel document or passport that assures your re-entry to the nation that has offered it
  • 2 recent photos of the applicant and the accompanying family members that are in compliance with the photograph specifications in the visa application form
  • Evidence for employment in Canada
  • Applicants who are exempt from the LMIA must provide the number for employment offer that will be given by the employer. It starts with the letter A and is succeeded by 7 digits.
  • Applicants who are not exempt from the LMIA must offer a copy of the Impact Assessment for Labour Market given by the ESDC. A copy of the job contract from the prospective employer must also be offered.
  • Evidence for being qualified for the job

The common law partner for your Canada Spousal Sponsorship Application: Is not legally married to you, can be of either gender, must be more than 18 years and has been staying with you for minimum 1 year.

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