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  • All in one PNP updates for August 2020
    Posted on August 27, 2020
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    Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are a key part of Canada’s immigration policy, with more than 200,000 people expected to obtain Canadian permanent residence through a Provincial Nominee Program between 2020 and 2022. Provincial Nominee Programs are the fastest-growing economic Canadian immigration pathway. Over recent years, the federal government has gradually increased provinces’ annual allocations for… Read More »

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  • Among the many provincial nominee programs to help individuals migrate to Canada, the Yukon nominee program is not very well known. The program was introduced to encourage workers and entrepreneurs from around the world to come to the province of Yukon and contribute to its economy through their skills and resources. Yukon is situated in… Read More »

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    Canada has one of the highest percentages of immigrants obtaining citizenship when compared to various other countries across the globe. By ‘citizenship’ is implied the legal status that an individual enjoys in a country. Generally, the citizenship of Canada can be obtained either by birth or through the naturalization process. A Canadian permanent resident, on… Read More »

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  • According to the British Columbia Labor Market Outlook, which provides a 10-year forecast of the flow of supply and demand for labor in the province, the Canadian province is expected to have 861,000 job openings between 2019 and 2029. Such opportunities in Canadian provinces make immigration candidates consider the provincial nominee program (PNP) to migrate… Read More »

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  • Benefits of Canadian citizenship
    Posted on August 11, 2020
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    Compared to other western nations, Canada offers the maximum number of citizenships to its immigrants. This is good news for those who wish to migrate to Canada and wish to permanently stay there as citizens. The government grants more citizenships recognizing the contribution of immigrants to its economic development. Canada offers citizenship to its immigrants… Read More »

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  • What is my NOC Code for Canada?
    Posted on August 10, 2020
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    NOC here stands for National Occupational Classification [NOC]. The NOC is used by the Government of Canada for the purposes of classifying occupational information based on statistical surveys. Each of the occupations are classified into a unique 4-digit code, referred to as the NOC Code for that particular occupation. The NOC is used by Canada… Read More »

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