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Government of Canada launches its 2030 agenda National strategy, Goals could spell good news for immigrants

Posted on March 10, 2021
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Government of Canada launches its 2030 agenda National strategy, Goals could spell good news for immigrants

Canada’s commitment to achieve the UN’s agenda for sustainable development could spell good news for immigrants

Canada launched a program called the Moving Forward Together – Canada’s 2030 Agenda National Strategy, in support of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the U.N’s agenda aim to end poverty, protect the planet and promote a peaceful and prosperous life for its people. The SDGs require closer cooperation between governments, civil society, and the private sector.

The Canadian government announced a sum of around 11.3 million dollars in funding to 32 organizations that will work to achieve these goals.

The 2030 Agenda applies to all nations in the world and is aimed at eradicating poverty and creating an equal society or ‘leave no one behind.’

Canada’s determination to achieve the SDGs in the Canadian context is reflected in its Towards Canada’s 2030 Agenda National Strategy.

The aim of this national strategy is to:
  • Building an inclusive climate that facilitates the attainment of the SDGs
  • To harness various strengths and perspectives across Canada, be it in the Arctic, in rural and coastal communities or in our big cities.
  • Aid Canadians doing their part as people of the world
  • Recognizing the basic responsibilities of reconciliation and self-determination with indigenous peoples
  • Recognition of gender equality commitments, a safe environment, peace, justice and human rights
The strategy is focused on achieving the SDGs with a focus on:
  • Wiping out poverty and injustice
  • Protection of human rights
  • Enabling access to healthcare programs
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Economic development in an equitable and sustainable way and decent employment
  • Measures to combat climate change
  • Taking advantage of fair and inclusive trade to increase revenues and to extend its benefits for under-represented groups, such as:

· Women
· Indigenous Communities

Getting everyone involved

In order to drive the 2030 Agenda forward, Canada is involving a variety of multilateral organizations, collectives, and business entities. Such attempts acknowledge the need to work together to achieve the SDGs.

Role of Canadian employers

The 2030 Agenda requires employers who can provide:

  • Sustainable growth
  • Quality jobs
  • Commitment to the well-being of employees and the communities in which they operate

In their practices and performance, more Canadian businesses and workplaces are working to advance the SDGs. Many companies in the private sector in Canada are taking a leadership role. In order to enhance resilience and adaptability in a rapidly changing global economy, they are addressing sustainability challenges.

The private sector is keen to play an even more important role in achieving in Canada the 2030 agenda by:

  • Creating employment that alleviates poverty
  • Advancing solutions for innovation and sustainable growth
  • Contributing to sustainable patterns of production and consumption
  • Participating in creative processes for funding and social effects to achieve SDGs
Impact on immigrants

With Canada’s commitment to achieve the SDGs of the U.N’s agenda for sustainable development, it is good news for immigrants staying in Canada and those who aspire to move here. It will mean a better quality of life, better employment opportunities and a good lifestyle.

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