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Canada’s open immigration policies contrast that of the US during Coronavirus

Posted on April 23, 2020
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Canada Immigration

With Donald Trump announcing the suspension of immigration applications for green card holders for 60 days, with an intention to save American jobs from foreigners, the move is a sharp contrast to the approach the Canadian government has taken towards immigrants.

The Canadian government has taken an open-door approach towards immigrants during the Coronavirus pandemic. This is an encouraging sign to immigrants who are considering their options. The welcoming and immigrant friendly policies of Canada are encouraging compared to the protectionist approach taken by the US.

Economic recovery with immigrants:

Canada is looking at swift economic recovery post the Coronavirus crisis with the help of immigrants. Immigration will play a crucial role in helping Canada’s economic recovery, as immigrants will help fill newly generated jobs and, in many ways, even promote employment growth.

Research by Statistics Canada suggests that there are many immigrants planning to start a company in Canada. Immigrants with entrepreneurial skills who set up the country’s companies help build jobs and push innovation.

Finally, immigrants carry with them significant savings that help improve the economic activity that is key to job growth in Canada.

In fact, the immigration authorities in Canada are trying to provide uninterrupted immigration services for those who are in the process of applying for a Canadian visa or intend to apply for one. Apart from this, immigration draws continue to happen.

The Canadian government has decided to start issuing visas in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) in a bid to keep the economy running and to support Canadian employers during this pandemic.

While the Canadian government decided to close its borders in the aftermath of Coronavirus to non-residents, it chose to continue its TFWP program to support Canadian industries.

By accepting more immigrants, the nation will increase its labor force, and one way to boost the economy is to make more efficient use of the labor force. In view of this, accepting immigrants in times of economic crisis is more prudent.

Start-up visa program to encourage business immigration:

The Canadian government is seriously pursuing its startup visa program to encourage business immigration post the crisis. New business investments and business opportunities are expected to kickstart the economy.

The start-up visa program targets immigrant entrepreneurs wishing to start a business in Canada.

Candidates can come to Canada under this visa program on a work permit supported by their Canadian-based investor, and then apply for a PR visa once their business is established in the country.

This program supports immigrant entrepreneurs to grow their Canadian startups. Effective applicants may link up with Canadian private-sector investors to obtain funding assistance and guidance on running their company.

Startup Visa does not require applicants to spend their own capital in the business. The start-up visa program can a pathway to a PR visa for immigration candidates who want to be entrepreneurs.

The boost to the start-up visa program is part of the government’s strategy to give a boost to the economy post the Coronavirus crisis. Apart from this, other provincial entrepreneur and investment programs will gain importance.

Canada’s pro-immigration policies during the Coronavirus crisis is in sharp contrast to the policies of the US. Canada intends to include immigrants in its economic recovery plan once the Coronavirus crisis is over.

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