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Canadian C11 Work Permit Visa; eligibility, requirements & steps to apply

Posted on September 2, 2023
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Why apply for a Canadian C11 Visa?

  • To be self-employed in Canada
  • Funding support is not necessary
  • Minimum investment not needed
  • Can be accompanied by family members
  • Become eligible for Canadian PR within one year

Canadian C11 Work Permit Visa; eligibility, requirements & steps to apply

Canada’s C11 work permit visa is a special type of visa granted under the International Mobility Program (IMP). Eligible are entrepreneurs and self-employed persons who intend to obtain Canada’s temporary residence. Falling under the R205 (a) – C11 classification, it is designed specifically for individuals who intend to relocate to Canada to participate in sports, cultural, or recreational activities. Foreign nationals desiring to migrate to Canada as owners of businesses can be categorized into two different classes.

One category includes people who want to migrate to Canada temporarily and normally seasonally to take care of their present businesses, usually self-employed persons.

Another class includes individuals who want to enter Canada to float a new business or manage the one that exists to satisfy the provincial nomination requirements or to be chosen as an entrepreneur (including in Quebec) or for the Canadian Start-up Business Class.

For entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals

This special visa type allows self-employed individuals or entrepreneurs to visit Canada for a short term to take part in endeavors relevant to their profession or business.

Self-employed individuals: Persons who work for themselves by becoming owners of businesses and rarely hire people from outside their family. While many are business owners, they usually undertake all the assignments of employees.

Entrepreneurs: Individuals who arrange and run one or more businesses and are responsible for more financial risks than normal. They hire employees who are not their family members to carry out the business activities.

Eligibility criteria of the C11 visa Canada

Candidates must meet the C11 visa Canada requirements stated under the program’s procedures. If they have a business in their native country, it alone is not enough for approval as several other aspects are considered.

  • They should have the experience of setting up a successful business or have enough resources to buy an existing business in Canada.
  • They should own a minimum of 50% of the business they buy or set up in Canada.
  • They must have a thorough plan for setting up a business in Canada.
  • They must benefit and create opportunities for Canada and its citizens in several fields.
  • They need to conduct in-depth research and study the sectors that can grow and develop.

Businesses that qualify for the C11 visa Canada

Seasonal businesses: They include operators for accommodations, miners of gold, and wildlife guides that operate temporarily.

Continuous businesses: Automobile repair workshops or hair-dressers who would need to present more proof that they will stay in Canada temporarily.

The C11 visa Canada Program’s main features

With a C11 visa, a unique opportunity is available for foreign entrepreneurs to establish and develop their businesses in Canada.

  • This program allows entrepreneurs to get a Canadian work permit for two years and can get an extension any number of times if the business continues to be operational and profitable in Canada.
  • It is unique as it allows self-employed entrepreneurs to apply for permanent residency (PR) in Canada.
  • The process of the C11 work permit is also unique, as the LMIA process does not affect it.
  • Entrepreneurs should arrange for a solid business plan that demonstrates their capability to profit Canadians significantly.
  • Usually, it provides foreign entrepreneurs a special opportunity to establish and develop their Canadian businesses while contributing to the economy and society of this North American country.

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