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Canadian passport ranked eighth most powerful in the world

Posted on July 25, 2022
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Canadian passport ranked eighth most powerful in the world0-1

Highlights about Canadian passport

  • The Henley Passport Index releases Canada passport that holds the eighth most highly ranked passport in the world.
  • Japan ranked as the highest ranked country on Henley Passport Index with a 193 score.
  • The overall score of a passport is equivalent to the number of destinations, which means no visa is required.
  • Using data from the International Air Transport Authority (IATA), the Henley Passport Index compares and releases the data of 199 passports for 227 destinations and provides a ranking up to 112th considering global mobility.

Henley Passport Index

Canadian passport holds the eighth highest ranked passport in the world. Based on the Henley Passport Index second quarter on the rankings of countries in the world, Canada’s passport ranked almost equal to the Czech Republic, Australia, Malta, and Greece, and these countries ranked 185 on the index.

Japan top-ranked the Index with a 193 score. South Korea and Singapore ranked second in position with a 192 score, whereas Italy and Germany possess a score of 190 ranking in the third position.

Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, and the United States stood out in the seventh position in the rankings with 186 scores. With just one single point less, Canada stood at eighth position.

With the lowest 27 points, the Afghanistan passport secured a disputable ranking of 112, which is considered the last rank. Syria and Iraq couldn’t beat the score of Afghanistan to become the worst passport. Iraq’s score is 29 and the Syrian passport scored 30.

History of Henley Passport Index

The Henley Passport Index releases rankings of a quarter are the data of a 17-year-old use from the International Air Transport Authority (IATA) analyses around 199 passports for 227 travel destinations and provided rankings for the top 112 countries which reflected global portability that is afforded by the passports of the nations.

The final score for every passport is identical to the number of destinations that do not require a visa.

Strength of Canadian passport

Canada features in the world’s powerful passports list among the countries worldwide, which offers visa-free access to Canadian citizens, which is considered as quantification of the freedom of citizens of the country to the 185 destinations.

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In the year 2014, Canadian passports stood in the second spot in the Henley Index released data. Then it slipped to sixth position in 2016. During the pandemic, due to many public health restrictions and limited travel to destinations, Canada’s rank dropped to eight from the sixth position.

Since last year, though there were few disturbances, the Canadian passport has reached the eighth spot, and so far it is holding steady there.

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Canada Passport: Visa-Free Travel Countries
Afghanistan Congo (Dem. Rep.) Honduras Montenegro Slovakia
Albania Congo (Rep.) Hong Kong (SAR China) Montserrat Slovenia
Algeria Cook Islands Hungary Morocco Solomon Islands
American Samoa Costa Rica Iceland Mozambique Somalia
Andorra Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) India Myanmar South Africa
Angola Croatia Indonesia Namibia South Korea
Anguilla Cuba Iran Nauru South Sudan
Antigua and Barbuda Curacao Iraq Nepal Spain
Argentina Cyprus Ireland Netherlands Sri Lanka
Armenia Czech Republic Israel New Caledonia St. Helena
Aruba Denmark Italy New Zealand St. Kitts and Nevis
Australia Djibouti Jamaica Nicaragua St. Lucia
Austria Dominica Japan Niger St. Maarten
Azerbaijan Dominican Republic Jordan Nigeria St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Bahamas Ecuador Kazakhstan Niue Sudan
Bahrain Egypt Kenya North Korea Suriname
Bangladesh El Salvador Kiribati North Macedonia Sweden
Barbados Equatorial Guinea Kosovo Northern Mariana Islands Switzerland
Belarus Eritrea Kuwait Norway Syria
Belgium Estonia Kyrgyzstan Oman Taiwan
Belize Eswatini (Swaziland) Laos Pakistan Tajikistan
Benin Ethiopia Latvia Palau Islands Tanzania
Bermuda Falkland Islands Lebanon Palestinian Territory Thailand
Bhutan Faroe Islands Lesotho Panama Timor-Leste
Bolivia Fiji Liberia Papua New Guinea Togo
Bonaire; St. Eustatius and Saba Finland Libya Paraguay Tonga
Bosnia and Herzegovina France Liechtenstein Peru Trinidad and Tobago
Botswana French Guiana Lithuania Philippines Tunisia
Brazil French Polynesia Luxembourg Poland Turkey
British Virgin Islands French West Indies Macao (SAR China) Portugal Turkmenistan
Brunei Gabon Madagascar Puerto Rico Turks and Caicos Islands
Bulgaria Gambia Malawi Qatar Tuvalu
Burkina Faso Georgia Malaysia Reunion Uganda
Burundi Germany Maldives Romania Ukraine
Cambodia Ghana Mali Russian Federation United Arab Emirates
Cameroon Gibraltar Malta Rwanda United Kingdom
Canada Greece Marshall Islands Samoa United States
Cape Verde Islands Greenland Mauritania San Marino Uruguay
Cayman Islands Grenada Mauritius Sao Tome and Principe US Virgin Islands
Central African Republic Guam Mayotte Saudi Arabia Uzbekistan
Chad Guatemala Mexico Senegal Vanuatu
Chile Guinea Micronesia Serbia Vatican City
China Guinea-Bissau Moldova Seychelles Venezuela
Colombia Guyana Monaco Sierra Leone Vietnam
Comores Islands

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