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Canadians attitude towards immigration more positive than in October 2016
Posted on May 9, 2017
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Canada Immigration

The attitude of Canadians towards immigration continues to be positive and, in fact, more so when compared to October 2016.

Most nationals of Canada do not feel that their country is allowing too many immigrants and they feel that immigration is profiting the economy, according to Environics Institute’s public survey reported by Radio Canada International.

The view that most immigrants are not integrating with Canadians is also at record low levels. But younger Canadians and those with higher educational or income levels hold more positive views about immigration than their older and poorer counterparts.

The general view of the public towards Immigration has been stable for quite some time, but fewer than 50 percent of Canadians have a favourable opinion of the US since Donald Trump became its president, considerably down from 2012 and at the lowest level that Focus Canada recorded in 1982.

The idea that there is not too much immigration is accepted by the majority of the population of provinces of British Columbia, Ontario and the Prairies. On the other hand, this view is less popular in the province of Alberta.

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