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Seema Verma, PIO, chosen by Donald Trump to lead centers for Medicaid Services and Medicare
Posted on December 6, 2016
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Donald Trump

A person of Indian Origin, Seema Verma has been chosen by Donald Trump to lead the centers for Medicaid Services and Medicare. She will be serving as the Administrator for these health care services and is the CEO of a consulting firm on health policy.

The statement issued by the US President-elect said that he was pleased to select Seema Verma to lead the Centers for Medicaid Services and Medicare as the Administrator. The statement also recognized the immense experience Seema Verma possessed in advising on health care policies that included assisting states to map read the intricate systems. Along with the Chairman Price, she would be the perfect team member to reform the US healthcare system to benefit the US citizens, said the statement.

Ms. Verma was quoted by Politico as saying that it was a great honor for her to be chosen by the US President-elect Donald Trump. She said that she would put forward her best foot to assist the President in addressing the nation’s healthcare issues in a viable and accountable manner.

Seema Verma is a resident of Indiana and is renowned for her expertise on issues related to Medicaid. She is closely associated with Mike Pence, the next US Vice President and has prepared the expansion model of Obamacare Medicaid, popular as Healthy Indiana Plan Version 2.0. Ms. Verma has assisted many republican states on the manner in which they can integrate conservative factors such as job needs and accounts for health savings into their initiatives for the citizens.

Verma has been closely associated with several governors from the Republican Party on various prestigious schemes for expansion of Medicaid services. This also includes the Kentucky state where the Governor from the Republican Party Matt Bevin has announced to obstruct the approval of funds unless his request is accepted. Bevin has suggested that work requirement is included as a clause for being entitled to get benefits. He has also advised exclusion on being unable to pay and is based on Medicaid expansion model of Indiana.

Earlier to providing consulting services, Verma was associated with Indiana’s Hospital and health Corporation in the Marion County and Washington D.C’s Association of State and Territorial Health Officials.

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